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Micron Technology, Inc.

Micron Technology, Inc., through its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets dynamic random access memory chips (DRAMs), static random access memory chips (SRAMs), flash memory, semiconductor components, and memory modules.

Industry: Semiconductors

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$MU Nasdaq US5951121038

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Adam Taylor 03:28 AM 01/09/2021

Global semiconductor shortage causes Ford and Nissan to cut vehicle production

Who is the reason of this auto semiconductors supply shortage? $INTC $MU $NXPI $TXN $MCHP #bullish


James Disick 01:56 PM 11/23/2020

$MU Micron Technology stock price target raised to $70 from $56 at Mizuho #buy


Barry Gardiner 03:03 PM 10/20/2020

Consolidation in #NAND sector: Intel $INTC is selling it's NAND business to SK Hynix Inc. #positive for $MU and $WDC in the US market and Samsung, Kioxia (former Toshiba) and SK Hynix abroad

Max Carey 03:30 PM 10/08/2020

#NAND and #DRAM price trends are negative until at least 2021 Q2, especially for #NAND #bearish


Ray McNamara 03:56 AM 10/03/2020

$MU Needham (one of the most thoughtful analysts in semi) put $65 price target which assumes healthy 35% upside #buy

Lisa Hoppe 07:01 AM 10/01/2020

$MU is simply underperforming other semi stocks as #NAND and #DRAM prices are weak for two years with no clear sight of improvement #bearish

Max Carey 03:43 AM 10/01/2020

$MU 2020FY was the weakest since 2016FY for Micron based on EBITDA, ROE and ROIC. 2021CY is expected to be slightly better: demand will grow both in DRAM (20% bit growth) and NAND (30% bit growth), but there is a risk of excess supply in NAND. #neutral


David Lyons 12:50 PM 09/29/2020

$MU among biggest banks only DB has target price below current market price at 48. A bit #bearish for today's results

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John O'Donoghue 11:44 AM 09/29/2020

$MU Kioxia Holdings Corporation (former Toshiba Memory Holdings Corp), #2 NAND memory manufacturer, yesterday postponed its IPO indefinitely. COVID-19 was mentioned as a reason in the press release while Huawei was not mentioned #neutral

Max Carey 04:56 PM 09/28/2020

$MU reports tomorrow after market close

Citi opens a negative catalyst watch: Analyst Christopher Danely expects Micron to "report results below guidance of $6.0 billion but in line with our $5.50 billion estimate due to the double dip in DRAM." #bearish


Ray McNamara 04:50 PM 09/16/2020

$MU Server ODMs accumulated big DRAM inventories during Q1 and Q2 due to fears of supply disruptions driven by COVID-19. They didn't happen to a great extend so one or two quarters are needed for destocking.

In view of the market situation, TrendForce has formally widened the forecast of QoQ decline in server DRAM prices to 13-18% compared with the earlier projection of 10-15%.

#negative for DRAM prices and Micron

Max Carey 11:13 AM 09/02/2020

$MU Weak pricing environment is expected for DRAM in Q3-Q4 2020 and for NAND in the long run. #sell

- Despite Rebounding DRAM Spot Prices, Downward Pressure on Prices May Persist in 2H20, Says TrendForce
- TrendForce maintains that the NAND Flash market as a whole will remain fairly weak over the long term. A price rally will unlikely happen in the near future, especially as the competition intensifies in the upstream part of the NAND Flash supply chain.

Max Carey 07:32 PM 08/27/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC took a bit of market share in NAND market from Samsung in Q2 2020. Demand from Chromeeboks, next iPhone series and new consoles will increase, but high inventories at Server OEMs and PC OEMs will lead to overall oversupply on NAND market in Q3 2020 #bearish


Ray McNamara 05:52 PM 08/19/2020

$MU DRAM Revenue Rises by 15.4% in 2Q20, with Possible Decline in Prices Expected for 3Q20, Says TrendForce

Micron may be able to slightly raise its market share because it will adopt a more aggressive pricing policy in order to reach the targets for its fiscal year. #negative for Micron

Max Carey 10:03 AM 07/30/2020

#NAND price forecasts are getting worse. Q3 price decline could reach 10%. $MU $WDC $INTC #negative

Max Carey 07:58 PM 06/29/2020

Change of the trend in #NAND market! Urgent orders driven by COVID-19 are decelerating and #NAND market is gowing from tight supply to balanced supply and demand. Prices are expected to fall in Q3 and Q4 #negative for $MU $WDC $INTC

Max Carey 07:50 PM 05/25/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC #NAND Q1 2020 bit demand stable QoQ, ASP increased so revenue is up to 8.3% mostly due to growth in demand from data centers - well ahead of flat expectations on February 21.

Q2 is expected to bring growth in both bit demand and prices. #bullish

Max Carey 10:07 AM 05/13/2020

$MU Q1 #DRAM revenue dropped 4.6% QoQ despite a small growth in prices due to logistics disruptions caused by lockdowns #negative


Flor Crowley 06:32 AM 03/14/2020



Flor Crowley 06:31 AM 03/14/2020

$MU Micron decided to draw down the entire available amount ($2.5 billion) under the Revolving Credit Facility as of March 13. Does it mean already falling demand? Or do they anticipate demand to fall and lending to disappear?

Micron had $6,969m at the balance sheet as of November 28, 2020. Very #bearish sign

Max Carey 06:45 PM 02/21/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC 4Q 2019 #NAND revenue increased 8.5%, Q1 2020 #NAND revenue is expected to be at least flat #bullish

Max Carey 06:14 PM 02/18/2020

Q4 #DRAM revenue increased 1.5% QoQ while prices fell 7-8%
Price forecasts Q1 2020 assume small increase. #buy $MU