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Social media has become a vital key to successful investing

«My goal in writing this book is to help individuals understand how they can use social media and crowd-sourcing tools to inform their decisions. Messages on Twitter and StockTwits have helped explain large stock moves. Investors can use social media to learn about news before it hits the mainstream media. The best way to enter the fray of the rapidly-evolving and exciting world of social finance is to get acquainted with the free resources available online.»

Brian D. Egger, author of “Social Media Strategies For Investing: How Twitter and Crowdsourcing Tools Can Make You a Smarter Investor”, Adams Media 2014

What our investment community is saying…


Hedge Fund Analyst

The first thing I check when I want to know why a stock moved is InTwits. Opinions from investors or traders are usually the most efficient way to understand what happened.


Private Investor

InTwits is the way to tap into thoughts and ideas of professional investors – the luxury you don’t have while investing on your own.


Financial Journalist

I can call to 10 contacts in the investment industry to learn the news or I can go to InTwits and see top stocks getting the most attention today at one page in 30 seconds.

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