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Intelsat S.A.

Intelsat S.A.

Industry: Alternative Carriers

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$I NYSE LU0914713705

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Matthew Cameron 04:25 PM 03/05/2020

$I The FCC says it will scrap a $9.7 billion spectrum clearing incentive package approved last week if Intelsat and SES don’t both agree to the terms. #sell


Ray McNamara 03:23 PM 02/07/2020

$I FCC Announces Tentative Agenda for February Open Meeting.

Intelsat is about to get $4.85m - almost $500m then expected yesterday #bullish


John O'Donoghue 12:36 PM 02/06/2020

$I Pai offered $9.7b #bullish

+1 (1)


John O'Donoghue 12:28 PM 02/06/2020

$I Watch FCC Chairman Pai announcing approach to C-Band spectrum on YouTube #bullish


Ray McNamara 04:34 PM 02/05/2020

$I Chapter 11 means FCC could not revoke the licenses.

See a precedent from 2003:

"In an 8-1 decision in the case, Federal Communications Commission v. NextWave Personal Communications Inc.,2 the Court held that the FCC could not revoke the licenses even though NextWave failed to pay for them, in light of a Bankruptcy Code provision restricting government agency authority in bankruptcy cases."


Ray McNamara 04:31 PM 02/05/2020

$I if they file for bankruptcy, then the $14B debt holders will also fight with I to make sure they get a fair share of spectrum proceeds ....a well calculated move to threaten the FCC #bullish


David Lyons 04:30 PM 02/05/2020

$I Intelsat SA is considering a possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing if U.S. regulators don’t increase the amount of compensation the company would receive for giving up some of its airwaves, a person close to the company said.

Intelsat has hired bankruptcy experts at Kirkland & Ellis LLP to prepare for possible restructuring... #bullish

Lisa Hoppe 03:02 PM 11/19/2019

$I @Max-Carey Yeah, good business, but too much debt #negative

Max Carey 04:10 PM 11/18/2019

$I -40%. This is really stock of the day. Poor bulls. The company is worth 0 without private auction #sell.


David Lyons 04:38 PM 11/13/2019

$I @Max-Carey C-Band auction will still bring a ton of cash to the company. This drop creates and attractive entry point. #buy

Max Carey 03:50 PM 11/13/2019

$I What a drop! -26.8% It was not a good idea to make that strange $50m investment...