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Cursty Jenner 07:17 PM 12/20/2019

$AAPL @David-Lyons good question! Because it's extremely expensive. Companies that tried to offer satellite telephone or internet WW even without competition went bankrupt - see $IRDM Iridium Communications Inc. And now there are three other big players trying to do the same thing. But one step could help Apple - if it decides to rent satellite capacity from $AMZN, SpaceX or OneWeb thus decreasing potential capacity on the market #bearish

Cursty Jenner 06:31 PM 12/20/2019

$AAPL is working on it's own satellite technology to have a direct connection to its devices bypassing telecom operators. Will it be own satellite constellation or rented from others? Anyway it joins the race with $AMZN, SpaceX and OneWeb. #bearish

Kourtney West 04:11 PM 12/16/2019

Beneficiaries of successful transformations in the last decade - still a good time to be #bullish


David Lyons 03:55 PM 12/13/2019

$ARLO Good jump in the last two days! The market is finally recognizing that this is the leading product in the consolidated high tech security cameras segment with only three players (Ring $AMZN, Nest $GOOGL)