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Super Domestic Machines

Super Domestic Machines Limited trades in various machine tools and parts in India.

Industry: Household Appliances

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$SUPRDOM BSE INE215Q01012 Code: 531699

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Nita Bhardwaj 03:38 PM 01-04-2016

$SUPRDOM @Meera-Sharma, good comment! I agree, this is exactly the way Indian (and not only Indian) investment crowd thinks in such cases.

Meera Sharma 01:32 PM 01-04-2016

$SUPRDOM Super Domestic Machines is among the low prices shares with huge trading volume. The crowd still irrationally thinks it will rebound. Why? Because it was so expensive several months ago!! :)) #bearish

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Nita Bhardwaj 02:35 PM 02-07-2015

$SUPRDOM as it was predicted, the price is collapsing... Fundamentals tell that Super Domestic Machines share price should collapce to zero... ok, zero is not usually possible, so it's shares should be priced at around 5-10.


Trisha Sanyal 08:38 PM 11-05-2015

$SUPRDOM #sell at current price of 158 while you still have that option! Tomorrow it might not be available any longer.

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Dalip Malhan 08:26 PM 11-05-2015

$SUPRDOM this company even doesn't have a proper investor presentation and the annual report of 50 pages long has no single page speaking about business, strategy, etc. It's full of formalities only.

How could you access the prospects of SUPRDOM stock? For me the recent stock rise looks like market manipulation #sell


Marichi Sanyal 03:33 PM 09-05-2015

$SUPRDOM When Epic research has a buy call on an Indian stock I always #sell


Nita Bhardwaj 03:27 PM 07-05-2015

$SUPRDOM its ROE is only 0.19% and Price/Book 18.9 - both of the indicators show a horrific company. #sell while you can


Aaarti Ambani 03:20 PM 06-05-2015

$SUPRDOM it will go below 120... - My target for Super Domestic is Rs 115 for the short term with a stoploss of Rs 193 #sell


Nita Bhardwaj 10:23 AM 17-04-2015

$SUPRDOM Super Domestic Machines Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on April 01, 2015, has appointed Mrs. Poonam Nirav Shah as Independent Women Director of the company w.e.f. March 31, 2015.


Neha Krishnan 09:48 PM 02-03-2015

$SUPRDOM @Trisha-Sanyal because their order book is growing!

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Trisha Sanyal 09:18 PM 02-03-2015

$SUPRDOM @Neha-Krishnan any explanation for such a bullish bet on such an opaque company?

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Neha Krishnan 08:27 PM 02-03-2015

$SUPRDOM my target price for the company is 250, use your time to enter #bullish

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