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Piramal Enterprises

Piramal Enterprises Limited primarily manufactures and sells own and traded bulk drugs and formulations in India and internationally.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$PEL BSE INE140A01024Code: 500302
$PEL NSE INE140A01024

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Nita Bhardwaj 02:44 PM 07-10-2020

$PEL has a new well-connected investor #bullish

Piramal Enterprises-arm Piramal Pharma has completed sale of 20% stake for Rs 3,523.40 crore to US global investment firm Carlyle Group Inc. The transaction values the Pharma Business at an EV of $2,775 million (over Rs 20,300 crore) with an upside component of up to $360 million (over Rs 2,630 crore) depending on the company's FY21 performance. This deal is one of the largest private equity deals in the Indian pharmaceutical sector.


Nita Bhardwaj 12:46 AM 01-08-2020

Reported Standalone quarterly numbers for $PEL Piramal Enterprises #negative

Net Sales at Rs 817.41 crore in June 2020 down 6.26% from Rs. 871.98 crore in June 2019.
Quarterly Net Profit at Rs. 22.54 crore in June 2020 up 158.03% from Rs. 38.84 crore in June 2019.

EBITDA stands at Rs. 355.65 crore in June 2020 down 17.14% from Rs. 429.21 crore in June 2019.


Marichi Sanyal 05:49 PM 29-06-2020

$PEL Piramal Enterprises share price was up over a percent at open on June 29 after US-based global investment firm Carlyle Group Inc said it will buy 20 percent stake in Piramal Pharma for around USD 490 million.
The stock price has surged over 65 percent in the last 3 months. On June 29 morning, it was trading at Rs 1,353.30 up Rs 10.70, or 0.80 percent. #bullish


Marichi Sanyal 07:52 PM 12-06-2020

$PEL #buy Carlyle has emerged as the frontrunner to pick up a significant minority stake in Ajay Piramal’s pharma business for Rs 3,500-4,000 crore, said people in the know, reflecting the US private equity group’s appetite for large pharma and healthcare deals.

The other contenders in the fray include TA Associates and KKR.



Nita Bhardwaj 07:47 PM 26-05-2020

Reported Consolidated quarterly numbers for $PEL Piramal Enterprises #negative

Net Sales at Rs 3,341.00 crore in March 2020 down 9.2% from Rs. 3,679.67 crore in March 2019.
Quarterly Net Loss at Rs. 1,701.93 crore in March 2020 down 472.53% from Rs. 456.86 crore in March 2019.
EBITDA stands at Rs. 141.96 crore in March 2020 down 93% from Rs. 2,026.87 crore in March 2019.


Aaarti Ambani 02:25 AM 29-11-2016

$PEL @gwtan the stock has already reached it's fair price of 1500, I would #hold or #sell for now

gwtan 02:01 PM 23-11-2016

$PEL good buy?


Aaarti Ambani 03:43 AM 23-03-2016

$PEL R&D expenses have been reduced by 70%, eventually only R&D on the Critical Care and Pharma Solutions business are left. R&D on new drug discovery is practically stopped. #bearish

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Nita Bhardwaj 07:52 PM 16-02-2016

$PEL shows stability in a weak market... imagine its strength when the market turns around #buy


Nita Bhardwaj 04:56 PM 09-02-2016

$PEL Q3 FY2016 results:
- Strong revenue growth during the quarter and the nine months:
-- Up 33% at Rs.1,859 Crores during Q3 FY2016 vs. Rs.1,400 Crores during Q3 FY2015
-- Up 27% at Rs.4876 Crores during 9M FY2016 vs. Rs.3,825 Crores during 9M FY2015
- OPBITDA Margin was:
-- Up at 34% in Q3 FY2016 vs. 23% in Q3 FY2015
-- Up at 29% in 9M FY2016 vs. 18% in 9M FY2015

Strong results as expected from a stong company #buy Piramal

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Rajesh Khattar 07:31 PM 08-01-2016

$PEL Consumer products division of Piramal on Dec 23 announced acquisition of five brands from Organon India Pvt Ltd and MSD for Rs 92 crore to expand its offerings in the over-the-counter healthcare segment. Piramal is using not-so-hot M&A market to buy businesses/brands with good strategic fit #bullish

Nikhil Mahadevia 04:13 PM 15-06-2015

#bullish on $PEL due to recent stock decline - it's an opportunity to enter cheap

Vishal Khanna 02:48 AM 09-05-2015

$PEL is in the growing channel since May 2015. Now the stock is right in the middle which a good time to #buy


Rajesh Khattar 03:27 AM 24-04-2015

$PEL Rumors are that Morgan Stanley bought 30000 shares of Piramal at 1005 a piece

Meera Sharma 03:22 AM 24-04-2015

$PEL fantastic stock, I am an investor since May 2014, keep growing!

Niten 06:13 PM 10-04-2015

$PEL Be aware that as DRG business is seasonal, results for the quarter are not expected to be exciting QoQ. The growth speed in Pharma segment will be important... #neutral before the results

Nikhil Mahadevia 03:11 PM 10-04-2015

$PEL Financial results are expected on May 7th.

Prapti Kumar 10:25 PM 27-03-2015

$PEL #buy with a target 920 in the next two weeks and stop loss 820

Meera Sharma 09:17 PM 18-03-2015

$PEL Ashwani Gujral, Fund Manager: Piramal Enterprises Ltd is a '#BUY' call with a target of Rs 920 and a stop loss of Rs 870.

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Meera Sharma 06:54 PM 18-03-2015

$PEL response to the Exchange: "We write to clarify that as part of its growth strategy, the Company continually looks at strategic initiatives including viable investment opportunities. All of these are channeled towards achieving operational excellence and growth.

So far as the captioned news article is concerned, the Company’s proposed investment in Health Super HiWay is subject to several pre-conditions, only upon fulfillment of which, the investment would be made. Further, such investment would be made in a phased manner. We shall intimate the stock exchanges immediately upon the first phase of investment getting concluded, at which time, we shall also communicate the actual consideration for the same."


Neha Krishnan 11:31 AM 14-03-2015

$PEL There were no such big investments to Indian Real Estate market from international firm and funds from 2008, it's a promissing sign for RE and India economy overall.


Trisha Sanyal 04:05 PM 13-03-2015

Piramal Enterprises has Warburg Pincus as an investor, now Goldman is looking to invest. What does this tell you about $PEL stock prospects? #buy


Trisha Sanyal 03:43 PM 13-03-2015

$PEL The US-based investment bank, Goldman Sachs, through its private equity operations, is in advanced talks with Piramal Realty to pick up a stake in some of the latter’s real estate assets in a deal that could be worth R800 crore, two people familiar with the development said.


Trisha Sanyal 08:50 PM 01-03-2015

$PEL Whatever was the reason of this week ups and downs, Piramal finally showed us that it could go up to 940 and higher from 850 level. For me it's a #buy with a profit in 1-3 months.

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Trisha Sanyal 10:47 AM 25-02-2015

$PEL India's Piramal unit says to invest about $800 mln in realty projects


Rajesh Khattar 08:41 PM 24-02-2015

$PEL the stock is back to 880, what is going on?

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Trisha Sanyal 02:22 PM 23-02-2015

$PEL Piramal Enterprises following good Q3 results PEL set a record price today at 948!! Now the stock is trading at 919, 6.21% up to the previous close.

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Akshay Bhardwaj 02:14 PM 23-02-2015

$PEL there were so many people who we negative to the stock due to this and that tiny reasons... what would you say today?

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Akshay Bhardwaj 02:13 PM 23-02-2015

$PEL is growing like rocket today - look at the chart!!! 948

Akshay Bhardwaj 11:05 AM 20-02-2015

$PEL used Accenture to develop growth and profitability roadmap. I am not saying that consultants are always great, I am pointing your attention to the fact that Piramal approached these questions seriously and looks like has a robust plan for them.

Meera Sharma 11:21 AM 17-02-2015

I analyzed $PEL there Q3 and previous reports. Looking at PEL by segments you will see that Pharma, critical care, OTC has grown by 18% CAGR over the last 3 YEARS. It looks like Piramal is accumulating market share which will later on show in margins.

Akshay Bhardwaj 01:49 PM 15-02-2015

$PEL has a good potential and is quiet enough to give time for a value investor to do the analysis and accumulate the position. Use your time (if you are value investors - ho-ho!)


Marichi Sanyal 04:52 PM 14-02-2015

$PEL Very good report, thanks @Aaarti-Ambani


Aaarti Ambani 04:25 PM 14-02-2015

$PEL Here is quite relevant report issued January 2015 by CARE Ratings: Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) Industry is projected to grow by 18-20% through 2018

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Rajesh Khattar 12:48 PM 12-02-2015

$PEL Significant reduction of losses in Pharma business and significant improvement in information management services (DRG). The profits now looks to have been stabilised.

I expect now onwards all the existing divisions and recently acquired businesses will churn out higher profits.

The growth is also secured for the long run: the company continue to acquire / partner into new businesses which eventually generate new streams of revenues.

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Aaarti Ambani 04:46 PM 11-02-2015

$PEL Compared to Q3 2014 topline of DRG has grown by 18% and bottom line has grown by 57%.

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Marichi Sanyal 07:49 AM 10-02-2015

$PEL Q3 results confirm continued growth. EBIT at 22%.

Revenue growth across all business segments during both the quarter & nine-month periods
o Up 9% at ` 1,399 Crores during Q3 FY2015
o Up 13% at ` 3,826 Crores during 9M FY2015
Operating profit :
o 16% higher at ` 320 Crores during Q3 FY2015
o 22% higher at ` 693 Crores during 9M FY2015

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Marichi Sanyal 09:35 AM 23-01-2015

The markets incluide $PEL prospects into the stock price only after the business shows some real numbers like EBITDA growth, high ROE, etc. on a sustained basis. Till then one has a chance to accumulate and become a partner with Mr. Piramal.

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Marichi Sanyal 04:29 PM 21-01-2015

The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent - John Maynard Keynes. This might be the case with $PEL. So #buy it on cash only, no leverage

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Rajesh Khattar 04:37 PM 17-01-2015

$PEL Mumbai, 16th January, 2015: Piramal Enterprises Limited (‘PEL’, NSE: PEL, BSE: 500302) today announced that it has invested USD 30.65 million towards acquiring Coldstream Laboratories Inc. (‘Coldstream’), through its wholly owned subsidiary in the USA in an all cash transaction.

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Rajesh Khattar 11:17 PM 11-01-2015

$PEL Piramal Ent looks to acquire 2 BOT assets of Mumbai-based Supreme Infrastructure which is hoping to garner around Rs 700 crore, and is expecting equity valuation at 1x Book Value (BV). The sale proceeds will enable Supreme Infrastructure to service its debt and meet working capital requirements.

Any thoughts whether it's value accretive or dilutive for $PEL?

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Dalip Malhan 05:02 PM 21-12-2014

July 2014 "$PEL and APG Asset Management announced a strategic alliance for investing in rupee denominated mezzanine instruments issued by infrastructure companies in India with a target investment of $1b over the next three years. PEL and APG have each initially committed $375m" (archive.expresspharmaonli...n-tie-up) Have they made any investments? How do you incorporate this alliance to the stock price?


Rajesh Khattar 11:28 PM 20-12-2014

$PEL Also take a note that Warburg Pincus is a long term investor since 1997. This is very sharp PE shop who knows what they do. If they haven't exited for 17 years, they still see capitalization growth potential in the company.

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Trader 02:47 AM 19-12-2014

$PEL 37.5% revenue growth and 236.4% EBITDA growth in the last 3 years, 15% EBITDA growth is expected in the next 2 years, 19.3% ROE - sounds like a good investment opportunity even at the EV/EBITDA=19x

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