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Just Dial

Industry: Publishing

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$JUSTDIAL BSE INE599M01018 Code: 535648

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Rajesh Khattar 11:16 PM 05-05-2015

$JUSTDIAL the stock is in the free fall, you better #sell now and wait until it stabilizes for 1-2 weeks.

Akshay Bhardwaj 09:49 AM 13-02-2015

$JUSTDIAL January growth was not stable enough...


Trisha Sanyal 02:57 PM 01-02-2015

$JUSTDIAL new research report with 1985 target price and #buy recommendation

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Niten 02:52 PM 11-01-2015

$JUSTDIAL Untapped User Base. Read their latest presentation, it explains it. Also note Just Dial expects growth slowdown in 2015FY and 2016FY - page 10.

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Vishal Khanna 12:47 AM 11-01-2015

$JUSTDIAL the company was growing ~40% 2011-13FY and then it's growing 30% in 2014FY, but it's still a big number. What are the drivers of so fast growth?


Sumita Raman 04:24 PM 25-11-2014

$JUSTDIAL IPO initiation report from 11 July 2013 - 9.1 million listings leave limited opportunities for competitors #bullish