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Infosys Limited provides business consulting, technology, engineering, and outsourcing services worldwide.

Industry: IT Consulting & Software

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$INFY BSE INE009A01021 Code: 500209
$INFY NSE INE009A01021

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Aaarti Ambani 06:03 PM 14-10-2020

$INFY completes acquisition of Product Design and Development firm, Kaleidoscope Innovation. The deal was announced September 3 - quite fast! #bullish

Pusti Khanna 03:00 PM 27-09-2020

$INFY Averge Broker Target is 841.25 suggesting -16.83% downside
RSI is 61.5 - mid range but on the high side
Went too much up during COVID-19 driven rally


Nita Bhardwaj 06:38 PM 27-06-2016

$WIPRO $INFY $HCLTECH $TCS revenue growth in the industry could fall to 8-6 per cent in 2020 from 13 per cent in 2015... business model disruption has not been priced in and that as the “revenue disruption” of digital technologies becomes more visible the industry will suffer a structural decline. #sell


Nita Bhardwaj 10:46 AM 22-03-2016

$INFY is not following its ADR... which is trading at 18.68 = with INR to US at 66 it should quote atleast 1232 #buy

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Marichi Sanyal 05:33 PM 11-01-2016

Amit Khurana, Co-Head Equity & HoR, Dolat Capital Market: $INFY and $TCS may loose 10% in 2016 #bearish

"So what I am hearing is that the utilisation levels have started dropping off. Getting new contracts, and I am saying, specifically, for two names, TCS and Infosys, pricing has become a very important element. I am hearing more evidence of that on TCS than Infosys."


Nita Bhardwaj 11:29 PM 08-01-2016

$INFY Infosys to Announce Third Quarter Results on January 14, 2016

Jai Alamuddin 09:39 AM 13-07-2015

$WIPRO is the weakest company if you compare it with $TCS, $INFY, $HCLTECH and $TECHM #sell

Nikhil Mahadevia 01:05 PM 06-05-2015

$INFY Another confirmation that Infosys is blindly following the trend, not leading it: (ET) Infosys is evaluating at least half a dozen earlystage startups in India for investments, signaling its intentions to tap into India's evolving software products ecosystem. The company, which has allocated about $250 million (Rs 1,580 crore) for investments, aims to park $10-25 million per startup if it decides to invest in any of the software product firms it is in talks with, 3 ppl confirmed #bearish

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Dalip Malhan 10:43 PM 27-04-2015

$INFY I think correction is over, now time to buy & hold

Nikhil Mahadevia 01:24 PM 27-04-2015

$INFY @Dalip-Malhan good paper, and Infosys acquisition of Kallidus (cloud services) after Panaya (ERP) earlier this year is confirming that they are struggling and trying to expand to new areas, but ERP was important 10y ago and a tiny cloud services provider doesn't have enough scale #bearish

Dalip Malhan 01:15 PM 27-04-2015

$WIPRO $INFY $HCLTECH $TCS nice report with pics on Indian outsources. Clients need solutions vs. Indian hands and firsm struggle to deliver. #bearish for the long term as growth assumed in the current valuations will decrease economictimes.indiatimes....3729.cms

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Dalip Malhan 01:12 PM 27-04-2015

$WIPRO $INFY $HCL $TCS nice report with pics on Indian outsources. Clients need solutions vs. Indian hands and firsm struggle to deliver. #bearish for the long term as growth assumed in the current valuations will decrease economictimes.indiatimes....3729.cms


Rajesh Khattar 12:35 PM 24-04-2015

$INFY good guidance from ET: Infosys Q4 results: Here are five things to watch out for

Akshay Bhardwaj 12:13 AM 23-04-2015

$INFY P/E of 23 Infosys stock is fairly priced #hold until the results announcement on April 24


Matthew Cameron 06:26 PM 03-04-2015

$INFY Infosys will announce results for its fourth quarter and year ended March 31, 2015 on Friday, April 24, 2015.

Dalip Malhan 05:02 PM 03-04-2015

$INFY maintained 2015FY revenue guidance of 7-9%, if they achieve it, this is a buy signal


Marichi Sanyal 08:02 PM 28-03-2015

$INFY 2014 was the year when revenue growth switched from two digits to one. The same will happen with Net Income soon #bearish

Nikhil Mahadevia 04:55 PM 22-02-2015

$INFY multimillion means nothing in particular for Infosys as this is a multi-billion dollar revenue company :)


Nita Bhardwaj 02:26 PM 21-02-2015

This is actually a quite promising opportunity to raise margins in 5-10 year horizon: $TCS, $WIPRO, $INFY eye robotics, driverless cars for next round of growth.


Trisha Sanyal 01:09 PM 20-02-2015

$INFY new research report with #buy and target price 2650


Flor Crowley 09:33 PM 19-02-2015

$INFY today announced a multi-year, multimillion-dollar partnership with ABN AMRO, a leading retail and commercial bank, to provide IT services for the bank’s operations. As part of this, Infosys, as one of the strategic partners of ABN AMRO, will deliver services across application development and maintenance, testing and product implementation.

Niten 05:07 PM 01-02-2015

$INFY @Nikhil-Mahadevia agree, I can confirm this as a former Infosys employee

Nikhil Mahadevia 10:47 PM 29-01-2015

I am long on $INFY as they spend a lot of resources and attention to personal selection and training. One of the indicators is that out of 21 pages in Infosys recent investor presentation spends 2 pages on Hiring, Developing and Retaining talent #bullish

Dalip Malhan 05:55 PM 25-01-2015

$INFY ROCE 36%, ROIC 61% LTM Q3 2015 - amazing returns! That means all the cash coming from growth and not paid in dividends will create 61% annualy for investors #bullish

Niten 11:52 PM 23-01-2015

Q3 results confirms that so far $INFY managed to reverse negative trend in margin since Q4 2014 #bullish

Vishal Khanna 12:24 AM 17-01-2015

$INFY I am not surprised, LTM growth at 31-12-2014 is 6.8% which is almost GDP growth rate - too small for 13.6 EV/EBITDA! #hold There are better opportunities on the market.

Akshay Bhardwaj 04:21 PM 16-01-2015

$INFY several new research reports, mostly #buy recommendations but with limited upsides up to 20%, the highest is 2550 vs 2114 now

Vishal Khanna 01:09 AM 11-01-2015

$INFY 2015 Q3 results:
Revenues +3.4%
Earnings +5%, beat analyst estimates
EBIT +5.91% QoQ, EBIT margin +0.6% QoQ, + 1.7% YoY to 26.70% expected at 25.95%

Vishal Khanna 05:47 PM 23-11-2014

$TATACOMM As they claimed, they had not enough demand. Probably as $TATACOMM doesn't provide any unique business model. It's a global Tier 1 network provider - there are similar companies in the US. $INFY is an EM company which does labor arbitrage and provides a chance to invest in outsourcing growth trend.

Niten 08:07 PM 21-11-2014

$TATACOMM Why had Tata Communications $TATACOMM delisted its shares from NYSE while Infosys $INFY has not?