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Credit Analysis And Research

Credit Analysis and Research Limited, a credit rating agency, provides various rating and grading services for various sectors in India.

Industry: Other Financial Services

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$CARERATING BSE INE752H01013 Code: 534804

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Sumita Raman 12:10 AM 21-04-2015

$CARERATING Quarter results are on May 12 #hold

Nikhil Mahadevia 05:31 PM 29-03-2015

$CARERATING the stock is attractive based on fundamentals, but I don't see a clear catalyst for the coming year, so I would #hold

Nikhita Valjak 02:15 AM 16-02-2015

$CARERATING Care Ratings is the second largest rating company in India after CRISIL in terms of rating turnover. In such an industry as we see globally there is a place only for 2-3 companies (S&P, Moody's, Fitch), so top-2 will get market share from others and will be the beneficiary of the growth of Indian economy #bullish


Rajesh Khattar 01:25 AM 23-01-2015

$CARERATING it has high ROE (28.5) and good ROC(19.9). As this is not a capital intensive business, most of the profits will go to dividends. Last year they paid 100% of the profits. #buy

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Akshay Bhardwaj 12:34 AM 23-01-2015

$CARERATING it's not for traders, not a lot of volatility. This stock is mostly for long term investors #buy


Rajesh Khattar 11:39 PM 22-01-2015

Good summary of the key valuation driver for $CARERATING: This could in fact be a big beneficiary as soon as the gross domestic product (GDP) growth starts coming and lot of debt issuances as well as equity issuances come into picture.

Jai Alamuddin 03:15 PM 19-01-2015

$CARERATING from technical analysis point of view if it closes above 1610 in a week it will reach 1750 before Feb

Amir Uttal 10:10 PM 10-01-2015

$CARERATING beyond other things they have an interesting indicator in their presentation - CARE’s Modified Credit Ratio, which shows health of India's credit environment based. It's improved in the last year from 0.88 to 1.25

Akshay Bhardwaj 07:50 PM 20-12-2014

$CARERATING it's not cheap (20x EV/EBITDA) but foretasted EBITDA growth is 20% for the next two years, so overall it's a #buy


Trisha Sanyal 12:49 PM 17-12-2014

$CARERATING New research from ICICI with # buy recommendation and 1480 target price


Rajesh Khattar 08:03 PM 05-12-2014

$CARERATING the stock is growing since Aug 2015 and I don't see it stopping! #bullish


Sumita Raman 04:04 PM 25-11-2014

$CARERATING initiation report from 15 Feb 2013: