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Axis Bank

Axis Bank Limited provides corporate and retail banking services in India and internationally.

Industry: Banks

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$AXISBANK BSE INE238A01034 Code: 532215

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Jai Alamuddin 11:41 PM 13-07-2015

$AXISBANK "Coupled with gradual economic and investment recovery and funding needs for auction proceeds, bank credit growth is likely to be in the 12-14 per cent range in fiscal 2016, while we expect deposit growth in the range of 12-13 per cent," - from Axis Bank annual report


Rajesh Khattar 10:49 AM 01-05-2015

$KOTAKBANK $INDUSINDBK $AXISBANK $DCBBANK Ambareesh Baliga: Earlier, there was a clear divide between private and public sector banks (PSBs). But now, even within the private sector space, one can see two divisions. You have banks like ICICI Bank where there are concerns over non-perfoming assets (NPAs). Such stocks are expected to underperform going ahead. That said, stocks like Axis Bank, IndusInd Bank, DCB and Kotak are clearly expected to outperform. #bullish


Rajesh Khattar 12:29 PM 24-04-2015

$AXISBANK In a chat with ET Now, Sandeep Wagle, Founder & CEO, Power My Wealth, shares his views on Axis Bank Ltd

Sandeep Wagle: Axis Bank Ltd is a '#SELL' call with a target of Rs 525 and a stop loss of Rs 561.

Vishal Khanna 02:19 AM 18-04-2015

$AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC Bank credit growth dropped to a 18-year low while deposit growth fell to a 19y low in 2014-15 with new investment proposals from corporates drying up and projects announced in the past remaining stuck because of legacy issues. Credit growth would have been substantially lower if not pick-up in personal loans. #bearish economictimes.indiatimes....2040.cms

Vishal Khanna 09:21 PM 10-04-2015

$AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC Indian banks are slow in cutting rates (and in following State Bank of India)

Amir Uttal 04:32 PM 28-03-2015

Banks and financial companies like $AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC are high beta stocks. Rally is expected in Nifty in the coming 1-2 weeks for 15%. #Buy or close your shorts in these stocks at least.

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Stephen Dixon 08:02 PM 03-03-2015

$AXB mostly speculation, I haven't noticed any relevant news changing bank's fundamentals


Alex Douglas 03:02 AM 03-03-2015

$AXB what was the reason for the rally in the last two days - any ideas?

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Nikhita Valjak 07:01 PM 02-03-2015

$AXISBANK 650 Rupee... perfect close of the market. And I would not expect it to go higher. #hold


Rajesh Khattar 11:47 PM 11-01-2015

$AXISBANK #bullish

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Trisha Sanyal 03:31 PM 04-01-2015

Here is a good overview research about 19 Indian banks and financial companies.

$AXISBANK target is 545, $YESBANK 815, $HDFCBANK 1090, $ICICIBANK 390, $KOTAKBANK 1250, $FEDERALBNK 165, $J&KBANK 165, $PNB 208, $SBIN 350, $UNIONBANK 255, $IDFC 175, $HDFC 1200

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Marichi Sanyal 08:40 PM 08-12-2014

$AXISBANK ROE of 17.12% is impressive indeed!

Investor 07:40 PM 07-12-2014

$AXISBANK ROE for H1FY2015 achieved 17.12% which is quite high for any business including banks and points to a profitable business model

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