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Arvind Remedies

Arvind Remedies Limited manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products in India and internationally.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$ARVINDREM BSE INE211C01037 Code: 531823

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Rajesh Khattar 03:20 PM 23-04-2015

$TORNTPHARM $ARVINDREM you can see this pharma stocks correction after 2y rally in Arvind Remedies already

Amir Uttal 01:09 PM 23-04-2015

$ARVINDREM as of 31 March the share of promoters decreased from 8% to 3.57% so most who wanted already excited and the stock can go only up #bullish

Akshay Bhardwaj 12:17 PM 23-04-2015

$ARVINDREM #hold untill 15 and then buy

Jai Alamuddin 10:14 AM 23-04-2015

$ARVINDREM what a drop of stock price! I have never seen such a crazy stock!


Flor Crowley 05:30 PM 05-04-2015

$ARVINDREM haha, you say sell? EBITDA margin stabilized at 20% in 2013-14, revenue grew 30-51% in 2012-14, EV/EBITDA = 4.1 and with this growth it would be 7-8 on the current market. Debt/EBITDA = 3.5, so Equity/EBITDA=0.6

If the stock grow even to 5 EV/EBITDA, Equity/EBITDA grows to 1.5 which is 150% stock growth #buy

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Rajesh Khattar 10:25 PM 04-04-2015

$ARVINDREM it bounced back a bit, so use the opportunity and #sell the stock, it's too expensive versus it's profits/cash flows

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Amir Uttal 06:07 PM 18-03-2015

$ARVINDREM This is actually good for shareholders - whey borrow debt at ~8.5% after-tax rate to invest in the business with 12.7% Return on Capital #bullish

Amir Uttal 05:46 PM 18-03-2015

$ARVINDREM they simply use the debt to partly finance their revenue and EBITDA growth. The debt was used to invest into Capex and Working Capital. For example in 2014 with debt increase of 120 Capex was 24 + WC increase was 253 = 277, the rest came from EBITDA which was 184 #bullish


Barry Gardiner 05:39 PM 16-03-2015

$ARVINDREM the debt is huge, with market cap at 120 crore debt is 641 the company may simply go bankrupt with the stock going to 0 in this case #bearish

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Niten 05:21 PM 12-12-2014

$ARVINDREM price target is 40, but for long term investors only... not a good play for short term traders #buy

Vishal Khanna 05:22 PM 29-11-2014

$ARVINDREM 100 is 2-3 years target #buy