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TCS Group Holding

TCS Group Holding PLC, through its subsidiaries, engages in retail banking and insurance operations in the Russian Federation.

Industry: Banks

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$TCS LSE Int. Main Market US87238U2033 GDR EACH REPR 1 A REG S

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Barry Gardiner 16 Oct 2020, 10:29

$TCS quite expectable. The synergies were not obvious! So probably Tinkoff wanted too much and Yandex was ready to give just a market price #bearish


David Lyons 16 Oct 2020, 10:26

$TCS Oh... 23 min ago it was announced that the deal is over! But the stock slides lower just due to long wait #bearish



David Lyons 16 Oct 2020, 10:09

$TCS price is -16% from the top after Yandex deal announcement. Silence of both parties brings more and more doubt. #bearish


Ray McNamara 22 Sep 2020, 18:14

$TCS Yandex is buying Tinkoff Bank. $27.64 per share which is +8% to the closing price. #bullish


Flor Crowley 11 Mar 2020, 10:47

$TCS strong 2019 results + buy back for $10m. The stock is up from 15.5 to 17.0 p (+9.5%). Still more room to recover from negative news connected with Oleg Tinkov #bullish



Matthew Cameron 07 Mar 2020, 19:20

$TCS And two additional blows to the stock - it also falling due to coronavirus sell-off and ruble devaluation caused by falling oil price.

So four blows to the stock - do they classify for a black swan event?



Matthew Cameron 07 Mar 2020, 19:17

$TCS double blow to Oleg Tinkov, founder and Chairman of BoD of Tinkoff Bank - 27 Feb it was announced that US IRS has an order for his arrest for tax evasion and 6 March he announced that he has been diagnosed with acute leukemia in October 2020. The stock is down 36% since its peak on Feb 11.



Flor Crowley 02 Mar 2020, 11:06

$TCS founder Oleg Tinkoff was about to be arrested in London, but was bailed for 20m GBP.

US IRS alleges him for under-reporting of tax. He was a US citizen up to 2013. #negative


Alex Douglas 05 Dec 2014, 20:52

$TCS interview with TCS CEO Oliver Hughes who is British. I find this interview very helpful to understand Tinkoff Bank fascinating business model.

Read for example this piece "We now have the largest courier networkin Russia, with 1,000 couriers covering 600 cities and can guarantee that we can get you set up with a card and a current account in two days, anywhere in Russia."



Ray McNamara 29 Nov 2014, 15:11

Oleg Tinkoff may delist $TCS shares from LSE.

"If the shares will behave just like they do now, we leave the right to delist it and make the company private," Tinkov said.

"We will very actively follow the situation during the next year. And if there is a need (to delist) we will make such a decision, I will make such a decision," Tinkov was quoted as saying.