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Royal Dutch Shell

Industry: Oil & Gas Producers

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$RDSA LSE Main Market GB00B03MLX29 'A'ORD EUR0.07
$RDSB LSE Main Market GB00B03MM408 'B'ORD EUR0.07

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Flor Crowley 28 Jul 2016, 13:12

$RDSA Shell sees quarterly profits plummet 70% as low oil price bites #bearish


Flor Crowley 28 Jul 2016, 13:11

$RDSA $BP. $BG. $TLW $PFC $WG. $SCL end of driving season and supply glut will drive oil prices down - negative for oil companies for the next 9 months untill the next driving season #bearish


Ray McNamara 28 Dec 2015, 06:08

$RDSA is part of 50 companies to watch for in 2016 from Bloomberg #bullish

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Nikhil Mahadevia 30 Apr 2015, 22:16

$RDSA Shell to cut global spending by $2bn after first-quarter earnings drop 56% but group refuses to halt Arctic drilling (Guardian) #bearish


Robert Sheridan 28 Apr 2015, 22:36

$RDSA $BP. $BG. $TLW $PFC $WG. $SCL Speculators increased net long positions in Brent futures and options by 8,351 contracts to 271,929 in the week to April 21, InterContinental Exchange (ICE) data showed, the highest level since records began in 2011.

"The long-to-short ratio has reached 6.4 and we’ve only seen an extreme situation like that three times since 2011. All three times we’ve seen quite a correction in the market."



David Lyons 27 Apr 2015, 22:09

Oil prices hover close to a four-month high $RDSA $BP. $BG. $TLW $PFC $WG. $SCL #bullish

Kourtney West 14 Apr 2015, 10:49

$RDSA Shell agrees to sell 185 pertol stations to other operators. Good follow up on the plan to sell refining, processing and retail operations to cut costs... Also now they need to finance BG oil acquisition #bullish


Robert Sheridan 09 Apr 2015, 10:34

$RDSA Acquisition of $BG. allows Shell to buy a huge asset at the market bottom. They started the acquisition game, all others will pay higher prices #bullish


Barry Gardiner 09 Apr 2015, 10:27

$RDSA $BG. Fitch Ratings-London-08 April 2015: Fitch Ratings has placed Royal Dutch Shell's (Shell) ratings on Rating Watch Negative (RWN) and BG Energy Holding's (BG) ratings on Rating Watch Positive (RWP) following confirmation that the acquisition of BG by Shell has been agreed by the boards of two companies.


James Disick 09 Apr 2015, 09:39

$RDSB $BG. more color about the deal: And senior figures close to Shell told me this morning that there were people in the company who had been working on a plan to buy BG Group for so long, many of them had retired. Shell has long seen the point of buying BG Group.

In the worldwide hunt for energy, Shell has now made a £47bn bet that buying access to new reserves is quicker and easier than finding them itself.


Stephen Dixon 08 Apr 2015, 09:56

$BG. $RDSA Oil M&A is beginning... Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has agreed a £47bn takeover of gas group BG in one of the biggest deals seen in the oil and gas sector in the last 20 years. It will create a company worth more than £200bn.

BG confirmed on Wednesday that it was offering a cash and shares deal worth £13.50 a share – a 50% premium on BG’s market value on Tuesday night when news of the deal first leaked. (Guardian)

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Flor Crowley 04 Apr 2015, 13:15

Iran deal will decide the future of oil price and thus of oil companies like $RDSA $BP. $BG. $TLW $PFC $WG. $SCL #hold

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Scott Dyas 29 Mar 2015, 14:06

Blackstone Group LP’s Chairman Stephen Schwarzman is seeing “remarkable” opportunities in debt and equity that are emerging out of the slump in crude oil.

In the last 6 months Schwarzman several times indicated that it's a unique time to #buy oil and related companies. On LSE pay attention to $RDSA $BP. $BG. $TLW $PFC $WG. $SCL - most of them are on historically low levels.


Matthew Cameron 26 Feb 2015, 21:30

$RDSA Shell has shelved plans for a major new tar sands mine in Canada, the largest project yet to fall victim to low oil prices.

The company has withdrawn its application for the 200,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) Pierre River project and will instead concentrate on boosting the profitability of its existing 255,000-bpd oil sands operations.

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