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Magnit PJSC

Industry: Food & Drug Retailers

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$MGNT LSE Int. Main Market US55953Q2021 GDR EACH REPR 0.20 ORD 'REGS'

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Cursty Jenner 08 May 2015, 13:11

$MGNT growth slows down to 28.7% in April thought this is in line with 28-32% revenue growth for the year #buy


Matthew Cameron 21 Apr 2015, 15:16

$MGNT $FIVE $LNTA recent Rouble appreciation is a sign that the perception of the depth of the Russian economic crisis we had in January was overestimated. Food retailers will be the first to feel the improvements in the economic situation. #buy


James Disick 29 Mar 2015, 13:04

$MGNT there is still too much uncertainty with oil price which defines Rouble rate and Ukrainian conflict. So as GBP denominated investor I would #hold Magnit for now.

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Ray McNamara 22 Mar 2015, 21:48

$MGNT $NVTK $LKOH Bloomberg published on Friday a really positive article about Russian stocks - the first time since March 2014 when Ukraine events started. Russian stocks went quite low during 2014. Is it time to #buy?

Russia Rebounds, Despite Sanctions


Alex Douglas 28 Jan 2015, 21:25

$MGNT 2014 results are impressive again: revenue grew 31.7%, EBITDA 32.1%, Net Income 33%. Gross margin from 28.5% to 28.9%. The unexpected negative was FX loss due to Rouble devaluation. Estimated 2015 growth rates are similar. At 9 EV/EBITDA it's a very cheap investment.

For $ linked investors there is still some uncertainty with oil and thus Rouble rate, but even with these risks it's a #buy

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