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Burberry Group

Burberry Group plc sources, designs, manufactures, and sells luxury apparel and accessories for men, women, and children primarily in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia Pacific region.

Industry: Personal Goods

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$BRBY LSE Main Market GB0031743007 ORD GBP0.0005

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Barry Gardiner 16 May 2018, 07:05

$BRBY shares buysback drives shares up. There is more room to go #buy


Rob Cawthon 19 Jan 2016, 16:19

$BRBY Intensified media focus on China slowdown and ongoing RMB devaluation will be another hit to Burberry's valuation in 2016. #bearish


James Disick 20 Sep 2015, 18:54

$BRBY Burberry shares continue to adjust to new lower China GDP growth rates. I think at current growth forecasts of 6% the equilibrium should be around 1200-1300p/share #sell


Ray McNamara 14 Aug 2015, 20:16

$BRBY also take into account that RMB devaluation means Chinese government sees lower China GDP growth

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Ray McNamara 14 Aug 2015, 14:16

$BRBY just because RMB devaluation would mean devaluation of all major EMs' currencies in 3-6 months. It's currency war.


John O'Donoghue 14 Aug 2015, 13:26

$BRBY why do you think 1% RMB devaluation means 1% stock drop? Not all the sales are in China

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Ray McNamara 13 Aug 2015, 10:24

$BRBY is struggling due to China slowdown and devaluation. I estimate that the stock should drop 10-15% to accomodate China growth slowdown on 2-3% and 1% for each of 1% RMB devaluation #sell

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Ray McNamara 29 Apr 2015, 14:41

$BRBY competitors also have succession problems (Bloomberg): Giorgio Armani and Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld are in their 80s, Roberto Cavalli is 74, and Bernard Arnault, chairman of the company that owns Louis Vuitton, turns 66 in May.


Colin Williams 21 Apr 2015, 21:27

$BRBY is focusing on US to offset China slow down. Growth in Japan limited by lack of appropriate retail space.


Robert Sheridan 20 Apr 2015, 22:31

$BRBY @Colin-Williams there is not enough information about his capabilities, so this is area of uncertainty for investors for now. I would #hold


Colin Williams 18 Apr 2015, 11:36

$BRBY Burberry needs to constantly reinvent itself to stay in fashion. Could Christopher Bailey do this?


John O'Donoghue 02 Apr 2015, 23:25

$BRBY A number of firms have modified their ratings and price targets on shares of Burberry Group plc (LON: BRBY) recently: two #bullish, three #hold


David Lyons 30 Mar 2015, 22:00

$BRBY has recently dropped 10% from its yearly highs to a minor support level at 1730p. The consensus is Hold, but the minimum target price is 1850p, 7% above today's price.

Fundamentals: pre-tax profits have increased for 5 years, and are forecast to continue that way. It has the highest operating margin in its sector of 19.3 and with the FTSE bouncing almost 200 points from the lows today, the 10% drop on the stock leaves us with an attractive price to #buy

Current 1744p
Target 1995p


Adam Taylor 29 Mar 2015, 13:17

$BRBY the stock is fairly priced for now #hold, no major upsides or downsides

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Flor Crowley 27 Mar 2015, 12:43

$BRBY @Adam-Taylor I support your view and would add that 2015FY Q3 retail growth was only 15% - and it's in a good environment!

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Flor Crowley 26 Mar 2015, 22:50

$BRBY Angela Ahrendts, 54, joined Burberry in January 2006 and Burberry transformation was made by her. She doesn't copy anybody but follows looks to future trends being inspired by Apple and similar companies. So the questions whether the company can continue delivering the growth is the question whether Christopher Bailey who is the new CEO from May 1 2014 can continue on Angela's success?

Also, as might make sense sell the stock so not to go into unknown territory with Christopher.

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Adam Taylor 26 Mar 2015, 18:21

Current $BRBY price assumes based on DDM model: FCF=271.6 to grow at 13% rate for 8 years, then at 4% to infinity. Cost of capital = 10%

History shows
- 2009-14 revenue growth 14%, EBTIDA margin stabilitsed at 25% - assume it will stay
- FCFF 2010-14 growth -2% - not impressive

So 13% EBITDA growth for 8 years is probable if there is no global crisis in the next 8 years which in itself is not very probable

FCFF growth at 14% for 8 years is unlikely


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Colin Williams 10 Mar 2015, 15:17

$BRBY Example of Burberry's online push

Burberry announces a new digital collaboration with the Shinsegae Group to launch the official Burberry store in South Korea

Cursty Jenner 03 Mar 2015, 13:14

$BRBY I know this is not the question of the discussion but the new LA store on Rodeo Drive looks beautiful... and this confirms Burberry commitment to US market


Colin Williams 15 Jan 2015, 12:18

$BRBY Burberry announces strong quarter, with retail sales up 15% underlying and double-digit comp growth in Americas and EMEIA

Retail revenue £604m, up 15% underlying
Comparable sales up 8%
- Double-digit % growth in Americas and EMEIA
- Low single-digit % growth in Asia, reflecting
-- Disruption in Hong Kong, a high margin market
-- Robust performance in mainland China and Korea
- Digital again outperformed in all regions


Scott Dyas 17 Nov 2014, 12:19

$BRBY heh, if Goldman is bullish in a so unclear situation with China growth slowdown I would discount this recommendation to #hold


John O'Donoghue 15 Nov 2014, 21:41

$BRBY Goldman Sachs is bullish on Burberry

The 2015E P/E is in line with the sector, and yet we expect the company to deliver 13% c.FX revenue growth per annum over FY14-17 vs sector 7% and both margin and ROC (return on capital) expansion of 150 bp vs sector averages of 90 bp and 20 bp.

Burberry shares currently trade at 1,552p, but Goldman still thinks they're worth 2,128p

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