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Tencent Holdings Ltd

Tencent Holdings Limited, an investment holding company, provides Internet and mobile value-added services (VAS), online advertising services, and e-commerce transactions services to users in the People's Republic of China, the United States, Europe, and internationally.

Industry: Internet

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$700 HKEx Main Board KYG875721634Code: 700

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Stephen Dixon 15:41 20/10/2020

$700 HSBC Global Research in its report restated #Buy on TENCENT at the target price $687, added from $655

While the tech giant will report its 3Q20 results on 12 November, the broker expected the top-line growth of 28%, non-GAAP OP growth of 39% and non-GAAP EPS of RMB3.548.

The broker opined that the rising focus on Tenpay’s valuation may drive TENCENT's fintech value to nearly US$200 billion, roughly 23% of its SOTP.


John O'Donoghue 21:21 20/09/2020

$700 Wechat is to be blocked today in the US. It will make harder to communicate between China and the US for both personal and business purposes. Users will search for other ways like Signal encrypted messganger to replace WhatsApp. #negative for Tencent


Flor Crowley 20:36 17/08/2017

China Life Insurance $2628, Tencent $700, Baidu,, Alibaba and other investors will buy a 78 billion yuan ($11 billion) 35% stake in Unicom $762

daddy777 04:32 18/04/2017

$700 $992 $13 The first million is always the hardest!


Scott Dyas 01:46 13/01/2016

$700 recent stock drop is random, there was no change in Tencent's fundamentally strong growth model #buy


Colin Williams 22:07 14/09/2015

$700 Tencent plans to add personal loans to its WeChat messanger using its WeBank launched in January 2015. Tencent follows Alibaba so doesn't show any thought leadership in this case #hold


Flor Crowley 00:50 10/09/2015

$700 as of Aug 8 2015 Tencent has higher market capitalization than Alibaba - it is the biggest Internet company in Asia now #buy

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Cursty Jenner 06:26 05/05/2015

$700 Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 00700) plans to announce 2015 First Quarter Results on Wednesday, 13 May 2015.

Cursty Jenner 23:42 04/05/2015

$700 the revenue growth slowed down in Q1-Q4 2014 (look for example at investor intro presentation page 2), I don't think P/E multiple of 50 at 31% revenue growth leaves more stock price growth potential #neutral


Rajesh Khattar 22:39 01/05/2015

$700 April 30, SinoCast -- Tencent Holdings has agreed to spend USD 126 million in acquiring a 14.6% stake in mobile game developer Glu Mobile, whose game products included Deer Hunter and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood... Tencent Holdings declared to take stake in Glu Mobile for USD 6 per share, 11% higher than closing price of the latter on April 29.

Kourtney West 22:35 22/03/2015

$700 #bullish

Kourtney West 22:34 22/03/2015

$700 Tencent operating margin expansions is quite encouraging, it shows that the business model is mostly fixed-cost and has big operating leverage #bullish

Cursty Jenner 20:29 19/03/2015

$700 Tencent 2015 results
- Total revenues were RMB78,932 million (USD12,899 million), an increase of 31% over the year ended December 31, 2013 (“YoY”).
- Operating profit was RMB30,542 million (USD4,991 million), an increase of 59% YoY. Operating margin increased to 39% from 32% last year.
- Profit for the year was RMB23,888 (USD3,904 million), an increase of 53% YoY. Net margin increased to 30% from 26% last year.

Kourtney West 23:32 07/02/2015

$700 Tencent has sold $ 2 billion in a two-part bond sale that adds to Tencent's dollar-denominated debt after its last issuance in a $ 2 billion offering in April... Tencent's offering consisted of $ 1 billion of five-year notes with a 2.875% coupon and $ 900 million of 10-year securities with a 3.8% coupon for general corporate purposes.

Strong demand for bonds means strong demand for stocks as well #bullish

Cursty Jenner 18:24 13/11/2014

$700 Tencent 2014 Q3
- Total revenues were RMB19,808 million (USD3,220 million), an increase of 28% over the third quarter of year ended September 30, 2013(“YoY”).
- Gross profit was RMB12,641 million (USD2,055 million), an increase of 49% YoY.
- Gross margin increased to 64% from 55% for the third quarter of 2013