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Intel Corp

Intel Corporation designs, manufactures, and sells computer components and related products.

Industry: Semiconductors

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$INTC Nasdaq US4581401001
$4335 HKEx Main Board US4581401001 Code: 4335

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Adam Taylor 00:07 14/01/2021

$INTC Intel CEO Bob Swan to step down in February, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger to replace him

Daniel S. Loeb from Third Point: Swan is a class act and did the right thing for all stake holders stepping aside for Gelsinger. #buy


Adam Taylor 16:28 09/01/2021

Global semiconductor shortage causes Ford and Nissan to cut vehicle production

Who is the reason of this auto semiconductors supply shortage? $INTC $MU $NXPI $TXN $MCHP #bullish


Adam Taylor 05:58 19/12/2020

$INTC $MSFT Microsoft has stepped up hiring of processor engineers in recent years, recruiting in the backyard of chipmakers such as Intel, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Nvidia Corp. and among those cut adrift when Qualcomm Inc. abandoned its server chip efforts.


Adam Taylor 05:57 19/12/2020

Microsoft Designing Its Own Chips for Servers, Surface PCs

Microsoft is following the strategy of $AAPL (M1) and Samsung (Exynos) who make their own chips.

#sell $INTC #buy $MSFT


John O'Donoghue 04:27 23/10/2020

$INTC -10.3% after market - bad reaction for quarterly results and guidance. PC strength and sales of NAND division were not enough #bearish


Barry Gardiner 03:03 21/10/2020

Consolidation in #NAND sector: Intel $INTC is selling it's NAND business to SK Hynix Inc. #positive for $MU and $WDC in the US market and Samsung, Kioxia (former Toshiba) and SK Hynix abroad

Max Carey 03:30 09/10/2020

#NAND and #DRAM price trends are negative until at least 2021 Q2, especially for #NAND #bearish

Lisa Hoppe 00:05 09/10/2020

$INTC John Bonini, Intel VP and GM of Client Computing Group Desktop, Workstations and Gaming just announced the next generation of core processors #bullish

"next generation 11th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (codenamed “Rocket Lake”) is coming in the first quarter of 2021 and will provide support for PCIe 4.0"


Flor Crowley 02:32 07/10/2020

$INTC No clear "wow" moment but a lot of thoughtful steps makes me #bullish at this low price/multiple


Flor Crowley 02:32 07/10/2020

$INTC good overview of Intel's strategic decisions presented at Architecture Day on August 13, 2020. Some of the ideas:
- Refinement of 10 nm process due to initial problems
- No clear indication that 7 nm is the next step, instead 'next generation' term used. Some of the components could be built at external fabs (think TSMC?).
- New approach to SoC - build it from separate blocks tired to a task (purpose built client)
- Solid packaging roadmap

Max Carey 07:32 28/08/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC took a bit of market share in NAND market from Samsung in Q2 2020. Demand from Chromeeboks, next iPhone series and new consoles will increase, but high inventories at Server OEMs and PC OEMs will lead to overall oversupply on NAND market in Q3 2020 #bearish


Ray McNamara 02:33 15/08/2020

$INTC Intel Architecture Day - must view/study. But I should recognise that the material is tough to comprehend for non-semi professionals class=ticker>#gs.i1llyh

Max Carey 22:03 30/07/2020

#NAND price forecasts are getting worse. Q3 price decline could reach 10%. $MU $WDC $INTC #negative

Max Carey 07:58 30/06/2020

Change of the trend in #NAND market! Urgent orders driven by COVID-19 are decelerating and #NAND market is gowing from tight supply to balanced supply and demand. Prices are expected to fall in Q3 and Q4 #negative for $MU $WDC $INTC

Max Carey 07:50 26/05/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC #NAND Q1 2020 bit demand stable QoQ, ASP increased so revenue is up to 8.3% mostly due to growth in demand from data centers - well ahead of flat expectations on February 21.

Q2 is expected to bring growth in both bit demand and prices. #bullish

Max Carey 07:45 22/02/2020

$MU $WDC $INTC 4Q 2019 #NAND revenue increased 8.5%, Q1 2020 #NAND revenue is expected to be at least flat #bullish

Max Carey 05:08 29/08/2019

$INTC McAfee has hired Morgan Stanley and BoAML to prepare an IPO. Should be a good step for Intel to unlock value. #bullish via @technology

Kourtney West 18:55 25/11/2014

$4331 $4332 $4333 $4335 $4336 $4337 $4338 for those who don't know: here is the original press release from 2000 explaining why 7 Nasdaq stocks are traded on HKEx. "The Nasdaq shares are being admitted for trading only. They are not listed on SEHK. The Nasdaq Stock Market retains responsibility for the regulation of these companies to ensure that they meet the relevant listing requirements."