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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc

Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Industry: Consumer, Non-cyclical

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$VRX TSX CA91911K1021

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bob 11:02 AM 08/22/2017

$VRX Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights #bullish

daddy777 04:30 PM 04/17/2017

$VRX $CSU $PTS $AYA The first million is always the hardest! #bullish #notonvaleantthough

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Barry Gardiner 01:47 PM 11/08/2016

$VRX cuts forecast #sell

Lisa Hoppe 04:41 PM 04/01/2016

$VRX Valeant Pharmaceuticals bonds were much more stable than bonds during turmoil started Sept 2015. The common stock is down nearly 67% while the 5.625% bond (144A) due 2021 is down only 5%.

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George Walker 04:14 PM 03/24/2016

$VRX Aswath Damodaran: Valeant is too complex for value investors #sell

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David Lyons 01:16 PM 03/22/2016

$VRX ... and billionaire investor William Ackman would join the board #bullish

Lisa Hoppe 03:16 AM 03/22/2016

$VRX CEO Mike Pearson is leaving #bullish

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George Walker 04:47 PM 02/19/2016

$VRX is -9.63% on TSX a good entry point #buy

George Walker 06:53 AM 02/18/2016

$VRX John Paulson increased his holdings in Valeant Pharma by 49.22% in the fourth quarter, now owning $1.35 billion worth of the company, contributing to over 8% of his total holdings.

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Barry Gardiner 04:16 PM 01/19/2016

$VRX Please pay attention that ROC is at 6.2% only, so all the profits couldn't be profitably reinvested... #neutral

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Barry Gardiner 09:12 AM 01/18/2016

$VRX 8.9x Next Year EV/EBITDA, 27% expected this year growth, 20% FY2016E revenue growth, EBITDA margin at 46% while CAPEX/Revenue only at 3.5% - cheap for the expected growth! #buy


Robert Sheridan 04:18 PM 11/19/2015

$VRX well-run company with double-digit growth - Valeant is quite an attractive investment in Canada stock universe! #buy

Lisa Hoppe 02:01 PM 11/03/2015

$VRX Citron's research #4: "Citron’s Last Word on Valeant"


David Lyons 05:04 PM 10/27/2015

$VRX Of the 25 tracked by Bloomberg, 18 still have buy ratings on Valeant shares. Another six rate the stock a hold, while only one, Dimitry Khmelnitsk at Veritas Investment Research, rates it a sell.

Lisa Hoppe 01:14 PM 10/22/2015

$VRX research #3 from Citron Research "Now Valeant has made new disclosures regarding its distribution channel, and they’ve led the company into a web of deception that … you have to read for yourselves."

Lisa Hoppe 12:56 PM 10/03/2015

$VRX Citron Research published research #2 on Valeant "Investors, Politicians, and Concerned Citizens must note that Valeant raised the prices on the two key heart drugs in question the very next day after they acquired them … just to cover up for a bad quarter."


David Lyons 12:01 PM 09/29/2015

$VRX heh... time to #sell the stocks don't recover at least for 6-12m after Citron research... or never recover!

Lisa Hoppe 11:36 AM 09/29/2015

$VRX BOOM... Citron Research published a research on Valeant. "As well as a major threat to the integrity of our entire healthcare system, Valeant (NYSE:VRX) is now the most devious three-cornered tax avoidance scheme we've ever seen." #sell


John O'Donoghue 07:46 AM 08/21/2015

$VRX Valeant buys “female Viagra” maker Sprout but market is not aroused #bullish