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Hudson Ltd.

Hudson Ltd.

Industry: Specialty Stores

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$HUD NYSE BMG464081030

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Flor Crowley 04:53 PM 03/13/2020

$HUD Good rebound today (+10%), but poor after market action (-4.93%) - people (or robots) have some doubts about Hudson stock #bearish


Flor Crowley 01:28 PM 03/12/2020

$HUD Trumps limitation of travel from Europe (Schengen Area) to US is another blow to Hudson #bearish


Flor Crowley 09:17 PM 03/11/2020

$HUD P/E at 6x makes this stock quite attractive despite all the possible revenue losses in the coming months #bullish


Flor Crowley 06:43 PM 03/11/2020

$HUD -22% vs. -4.8% for S&P - everybody is afraid of air traffic drop due to #coronavirus #bearish