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LoopUp Group Plc

LoopUp Group plc provides a software-as-a-service conferencing solution for remote enterprise meetings.

Industry: Application Software

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Adam Taylor 30 Nov 2020, 09:47

$LOOP LoopUp - It was a Black Friday promotion :) The price is rebounding today - now it's £85. 3.3x EV/2020 EBITDA


James Disick 27 Nov 2020, 07:42

$LOOP Trading update:
- FY20 revenue to be no lower than £50 million (c.18% growth on FY2019) and EBITDA to be no lower than £15 million (c.134% growth on FY2019)
- Sept-Oct 2020 revenue growth YoY is 6% in PS (86% of the revenue) and -32% of non-PS (14%) = total 0.7% growth YoY
This is well below market expectations: H2 revenue will be 18m vs. 32m in H1 and 20m in H2 2020.
+ Cloud Telephony pipeline in Microsoft Teams increased to 84m from 50m announced on Sept 23


Barry Gardiner 21 Oct 2020, 09:19

$LOOP LoopUp announces LoopUp Rooms inexpensive hardware for conference rooms. It includes a display screen, a high quality camera, a mini-PC, a touch-screen controller and a conference room phone. Quite a blow to Polycom! #bullish


John O'Donoghue 30 Sep 2020, 16:17

$LOOP LoopUp stock slide after Sept 23 results continues creating good opportunity to enter/expand position #buy


Colin Williams 23 Sep 2020, 12:32

$LOOP LoopUp is Zoom for professional services and it's riding WFH wave which is now extended for 6m in the UK.

2020 H1 interim results signal a strong #buy:
Revenue +43%
Adj. EBITDA +247%
Sales teams are now active in France and Germany
Number of term contracts (average 24m) 30% from 13% at the start of 2020
Support of up to 20 concurrent cameras
Differentiated implementation of Direct Routing for MS Teams


Flor Crowley 19 Mar 2020, 15:30

$LOOP LoopUp is one of the emerging beneficiaries of COVID-19 situation. From 2019 results reported today:

"Material increase in volumes across our global LoopUp and Event by LoopUp platforms during March, driven by the large-scale migration towards home-working associated with the Covid-19 outbreak"

"̶ Amplified inbound approaches from companies that are struggling with VoIP-based conferencing solutions, but currently unclear how many will switch to LoopUp"

Shares are up 39% #buy


Ray McNamara 24 Feb 2020, 10:40

$LOOP -20% on an expected 8% decline in minutes per active user in the US. Too harsh reaction. Is it a buying opportunity? #bullish


David Lyons 29 Jan 2020, 18:36

$LOOP Pullback today is a buying opportunity. LoopUp showed strength yesterday #buy


John O'Donoghue 28 Jan 2020, 19:21

$LOOP +20% today on no news. And this is just the beginning - the stock was idle for too long. I am not saying it's returning to its top at 500 GPb in June 2018 but a level of 200-300 is quite possible #bullish


David Lyons 06 Dec 2019, 20:14

$LOOP conference call SaaS provider focused on professional services firms like legal advisers or Private Equity where quality and convenience are paramount. Still very low penetration to TAM - long way to grow #bullish

Max Carey 21 Oct 2019, 21:47

$LOOP Price is about right. Time to #buy