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Bango PLC, an investment holding company, develops, markets, and sells technology that enables mobile phone users to make payments for digital content and media on smartphones and tablets.

Industry: Software & Computer Services

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Adam Taylor 16 Dec 2021, 08:35

$BGO Bango is changing its presentational currency from GBP to USD. The US is mentioned two times in the press release. Is it a preparation for a US listing? #Bullish


Scott Dyas 08 Dec 2021, 09:32

$BGO Bango merchants now have access to KakaoPay, South Korean valet with 37+ million users and 20+ million MAU. #Bullish


Colin Williams 01 Nov 2021, 07:44

$BGO the first Telco will offer Microsoft 365 subscriptions through Bango #Bullish


Colin Williams 26 Oct 2021, 20:18

$BGO nice local correction - time to pic up Bango! #Bullish


David Lyons 15 Oct 2020, 09:32

$BGO is expanding in Asia - two new hires #buy
- Man Pham - Regional Vice President, Business Development - ASEAN
- Keisuke Kishida, Account Director - Japan



Matthew Cameron 18 Jun 2020, 11:56

Bango $BGO has even lower Adj. EBITDA of 4.8% in 2019. But that could be attributed to that it's 4 times smaller than $BOKU ... actually it's size by is comparable to Fortumo, even a bit bigger. So Fortumo looks like a very profitable player among these three. Why did they sell? Suspected that this is peak profitability and it will only decline due to declining take up rate in the industry? #bearish


Matthew Cameron 12 Mar 2020, 18:20

Payments services Bocu and Bango $BOKU $BGO should be beneficiary from COVID-19 pandemic due to acceleration of internet and mobile payments. Expect a strong rebound! #buy

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Colin Williams 20 Mar 2019, 10:26

$BGO reports 2018 results. #Hold for now. Bango still has no profitability...
· End User Spend (EUS) increased 106% to £558.2m (2017: £271.4m)
· Revenue increased 60% to £6.62m (2017: £4.15m)
· Adjusted LBITDA* improved to -£0.87m (2017: -£1.57m), with positive EBITDA for 4Q18
· Operating loss improved to -£3.5m (2017: -£3.9m)
· Cash at 31 December 2018 was £3.81m (31 December 2017: £4.85m)


Colin Williams 25 Jan 2018, 09:00

$BGO Raise new equity to pay to an acquisition to expand to a new area of data monetisation vs. strengthening existing one is not a good step for an unprofitable company. Risk to lack strategic focus and focus on becoming profitable if there were any #bearish


Colin Williams 25 Jan 2018, 08:59

Bango plc (AIM: $BGO) announces a placing of 2,777,778 new ordinary shares (the “Placing Shares”) at a price of 180 pence per share (the “Placing Price”) to raise £5 million (the “Placing”) to acquire 98.45% of Audiens SRL (“Audiens”), the data management subsidiary of Digitouch S.p.A (DGT:Borsa Italiana) (“Digitouch”), from Digitouch, Marko Maras, Sodapao S.R.L., My Draco S.R.L. and Fabrizio Ampollini (together the “Sellers”) (the “Acquisition”).

Pusti Khanna 30 Oct 2015, 10:33

$BOKU $BGO Investors knew that some DCB operator made a deal with Apple but didn't know who. So they decided it's Bando and bought its stock. It turned out that this was Boku... hilarious!