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IDFC Limited

IDFC Limited provides financial, advisory, and management services for the infrastructure sector in India.

Industry: Finance (including NBFCs)

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$IDFC BSE INE043D01016Code: 532659
$IDFC NSE INE043D01016

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Rajesh Khattar 11:21 PM 05-05-2015

$IDFC $KOTAKBANK $YESBANK Once IDFC starts banking operations, it will follow the footsteps of Yes Bank & Kotak Mahindra Bank, but in the coming 2-3 years costs will kill income #bearish

Vishal Khanna 02:19 AM 18-04-2015

$AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC Bank credit growth dropped to a 18-year low while deposit growth fell to a 19y low in 2014-15 with new investment proposals from corporates drying up and projects announced in the past remaining stuck because of legacy issues. Credit growth would have been substantially lower if not pick-up in personal loans. #bearish economictimes.indiatimes....2040.cms

Vishal Khanna 09:21 PM 10-04-2015

$AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC Indian banks are slow in cutting rates (and in following State Bank of India)

Jai Alamuddin 12:19 PM 10-04-2015

$IDFC Shareholders of IDFC Ltd, in a meeting convened as per the order of the Madras High Court, have unanimously approved the company's demerger scheme... As per the scheme, IDFC Bank will issue one equity share of Rs 10 each for every equity share held in IDFC Ltd. On completion of the demerger, 53% of IDFC Bank will be held by IDFC Financial Holding Company Ltd, a 100% subsidiary of IDFC Ltd, and the remaining 47% by the shareholders of IDFC Ltd.

Amir Uttal 04:32 PM 28-03-2015

Banks and financial companies like $AXISBANK, $YESBANK, $HDFCBANK, $ICICIBANK, $KOTAKBANK, $FEDERALBNK, $J&KBANK, $PNB, $SBIN, $UNIONBANK, $IDFC, $HDFC are high beta stocks. Rally is expected in Nifty in the coming 1-2 weeks for 15%. #Buy or close your shorts in these stocks at least.

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Trisha Sanyal 03:31 PM 04-01-2015

Here is a good overview research about 19 Indian banks and financial companies.

$AXISBANK target is 545, $YESBANK 815, $HDFCBANK 1090, $ICICIBANK 390, $KOTAKBANK 1250, $FEDERALBNK 165, $J&KBANK 165, $PNB 208, $SBIN 350, $UNIONBANK 255, $IDFC 175, $HDFC 1200

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Samer Shahani 12:22 PM 28-11-2014

$IDFC Bank Demerger will unlock economic value by removing conglomerate discount #bullish

Nikhil Mahadevia 12:54 PM 19-11-2014

$IDFC One of the best analysis I saw why you should not invest in IDFC when it starts to become a bank