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Arvind Limited, a textile company, manufactures cotton shirting, denim, knits and bottom weights, fabrics, jeans, and shirt garments in India and internationally.

Industry: Textiles

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$ARVIND BSE INE034A01011 Code: 500101

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Nita Bhardwaj 02:48 AM 17-02-2016

$ARVIND Emkay is bullish on Arvind ltd and has recommended buy rating on the stock with a target price of Rs 300 in its research report dated feburary 05, 2016 #buy

Vishal Khanna 09:09 PM 01-06-2015

$ARVIND Indian textile exports are slowing down...

Exports of cotton textiles (including raw cotton) touched $11,353.15 million as against exports of $13,306 million in 2013-14, registering a steep decline of 14.68 per cent, Texprocil said in a statement.


Rajesh Khattar 02:28 PM 23-04-2015

$ARVIND #BUY - my target for Arvind is Rs 292 for a week with a stoploss of Rs 255

Nikhita Valjak 06:23 PM 15-04-2015

$ARVIND "We plan to open 20-25 standalone Calvin Klein underwear outlets in three years. Underwear category in India is pegged at USD 1.2 billion and we expect the segment to grow by 25-30 per cent for the next few years," Arvind Lifestyle Brands Managing Director J Suresh told PTI.

Dalip Malhan 04:02 PM 28-03-2015

$ARVIND don't panic, it's good buying opportunity! My target for Arvind is Rs 333 for the long term with a stoploss of Rs 240. #bullish

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Akshay Bhardwaj 01:44 PM 26-03-2015

$ARVIND based on technical indicators Arvind stock is oversold! #hold


Marichi Sanyal 08:06 PM 25-03-2015

$ARVIND almost all were giving a buy signal for the last 2 days. I entered at 268 level, now it's 255. What should I do?

Samer Shahani 04:42 PM 25-03-2015

$ICICIBANK $ARVIND $BHARTIARTL people in stock forums are so nervous: if share falls they become so negative and if share moves up they start giving high targets. Stock investing is the test of your patience!

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Amir Uttal 01:16 PM 24-03-2015

$ARVIND Arvind is still still attractive, both the industry and business model are very good. The current downside is temporary. #hold the stock and you will be rewarded in 3-6 months.

Based on Charts a double bottom formation will occur at around 240 levels.

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Sumita Raman 10:01 PM 02-03-2015

$ARVIND with EV/EBITDA LTM = 10.4 is cheap due to:
1) Revenue growth since 2008 was around 20% in 6 years out of 8. Forecasted revenue growth is 15-17% for the next 3 years
2) Gross margin since 2012 increased on 2.9% to 35.7% and is expected to grow, EBITDA margin is forecated to be stable - more room for sales&marketing expenses to fuel the growth
3) Debt is under control: Net Debt/EBITDA=2.9, EBITDA/Interest=2.9
4) High ROE=14.5%

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Trisha Sanyal 11:42 PM 01-03-2015

$ARVIND there are no fundamental reasons for the recent decline in Arvind since February 20, so it should be considered as a good #buy opportunity

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Aaarti Ambani 06:44 PM 28-02-2015

$ARVIND Sudarshan Sukhani of s2analytics com told CNBC-TV18 "Arvind has a large head and shoulder and is bullish and now breaking out. The market was in a trading range, Nifty is now willing to go to new highs and Arvind is going much higher."

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Rajesh Khattar 04:19 PM 23-02-2015

Meghana Malkan on CNBC18: Buy Adani Power $ADANIPOWER, Arvind $ARVIND:

"Arvind is in good momentum on all timeframes. This calls for a buy on dips strategy with a stop loss of Rs 300 for higher targets of Rs 313 and Rs 321," she added.

Akshay Bhardwaj 01:01 AM 28-01-2015

$ARVIND Demerger and transfer of real estate into a separate company will leave Arvind more focused and thus will increase it's trading multiples! Easy #buy when expected price drop realizes after after demerger.


Marichi Sanyal 06:12 PM 27-01-2015

$ARVIND 20% revenue growth with expected EBITDA margin expansion; EV/EBITDA is 10 like mentioned below. Debt/Equity=1.2; ROE=15 it's a good #buy in the current growing market environment!

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Nita Bhardwaj 10:57 PM 25-01-2015

$ARVIND Arvind will be excluded from Nifty Midcap 50 index with effect from February 23 this year. The exclusion of the textiles and apparels company is mainly "on account of proposed scheme of demerger and transfer of real estate undertaking of Arvind Ltd into Arvind Infrastructure Ltd." #sell


Nita Bhardwaj 09:08 PM 22-01-2015

$ARVIND Arvind made a clarification for NSE that it's alreade in foorwear business

Akshay Bhardwaj 09:24 PM 17-01-2015

$ARVIND price decline is good for buing cheap! #bullish


Rajesh Khattar 03:50 PM 15-01-2015

$ARVIND I bet their Investor presentations are made by BCG or McKinsey consultants or their former employees! ... which is good for us as investors - they are very clear and helpful to understand their business


Aaarti Ambani 05:53 PM 03-01-2015

$ARVIND #buy

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Aaarti Ambani 05:52 PM 03-01-2015

$ARVIND I believe price decline from mid Sept is temporary and will end in a couple months max, this is a strong company and 10 EV/EBITDA for a 20% revenue growth is too cheap!

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Rajesh Khattar 01:34 PM 15-12-2014

$ARVIND has a strategy which I personally support a lot for many Indian textile producers: move to brands where margins lie.