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Constellation Software Inc/Canada

Constellation Software Inc is a software holding company.

Industry: Technology

Ticker Exchange ISIN
$CSU.RT.A TSX CA21037X1261
$CSU TSX CA21037X1006

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Philippe Corden 04:24 AM 08/17/2019

$CSU fantastic performance Since January. Should be a buy in the current market where investors would be looking for stable growth and yield #bullish

daddy777 04:30 PM 04/17/2017

$VRX $CSU $PTS $AYA The first million is always the hardest! #bullish #notonvaleantthough

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Samarik 10:23 PM 03/15/2016

$CSU bought in at 528, bought some more today at 509. Earnings n-6. #bullish

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David Lyons 08:13 AM 03/13/2016

$CSU Constellation Software is a strong company (ROIC 35% in 2015 and 40% in 2014), the only problem with it as with many strong companies nowadays is that it's expensive: 46x P/E. But net income is growing much faster than revenue (68% vs. 16% in 2015), so if NI growth continues the next P/E multiple is 27x which is already interesting! #bullish

George Walker 06:51 AM 03/13/2016

$CSU this temporary downtrend is a good opportunity to enter/extend the position #buy

Philippe Corden 11:14 AM 02/21/2016

$CSU exposure to the growing USD is not that big and hedged with costs:
- 59% of revenue in USD, 17% EUR, 9% GBP, 7% CAD
- 49% of revenue in USD, 17% EUR, 10% GBP, 15% CAD
So I am still overall #bullish for the stock

George Walker 04:36 PM 02/19/2016

$CSU Constellation Software is one of the most promising Canading software companies. Every fund which would like to get exposure to Canadian IT business will buy it which will provide a long term support for the stock #buy


Scott Dyas 03:14 PM 02/18/2016

$CSU @George-Walker organic growth was negative due to FX, without FX it would be +3% #bullish
- Pubic sector organic growth: -3% (-6% due to USD appreciation)
- Private sector organic growth: -2% (-5% due to USD appreciation)

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George Walker 12:58 PM 02/18/2016

$CSU 2015 results:
- Revenue grew 10% (negative 3% organic growth)
- Adjusted EBITA increased 28%
- Adjusted EBITA margin increased 3% from 21% in 2014 to 24% in 2015. Changes in foreign exchange rates resulted in less than a 1% reduction in Adjusted EBITA margin.
- Adjusted net income increased 35%

Overall robust results except concerning negative organic growth


Barry Gardiner 04:06 PM 01/19/2016

$CSU @VeronicaS This year revenue growth is expected at 9% only, EBITDA growth comes from margin expansion which will obviously stop in a year or two. So 14.5x is actually fair value #hold

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VeronicaS 10:15 AM 01/19/2016

$CSU 25% EBITDA growth at 14.5x next year EV/EBITDA is quite an attractive valuation #bullish

Lisa Hoppe 02:18 PM 12/18/2015

$CSU @Max-Carey it's also important that M&A in software is risky in the long term from technological and management point of view: you get choppy architecture and corporate culture. #hold

Max Carey 04:18 PM 12/16/2015

$CSU Constellation Software strategy is focused on the growth through M&A. Their M&A strategy is focused, they claim to buy only good companies. But still be careful - in the current inflated market the company may overpay for growth #hold