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Telaria, Inc.

Telaria, Inc.

Industry: Application Software

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$TLRA NYSE US8791811057

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Matthew Cameron 08:54 PM 03/02/2020

$NYT CEO Mark Thomson said in a conf call that ad business to return to growth only in the second half of 2020, and then to grow at below 7% CAGR for "some subsequent quarters".

He said that digital platforms are taking all the growth and that buying is shifting from publishers to open markets selling programmatic ads.

#bullish for $RUBI $TLRA $TTD and $GOOGL $FB

Cursty Jenner 10:12 AM 01/02/2020

Video advertising now is among the top sources of revenue for publishers. Telaria with its strategic focus on Video advertising is winning - it's like $FB who early enough identified that video ads is the next growing trend and benefited tremendously in 2017 #long $TLRA (now merged with $RUBI)

Kourtney West 08:47 PM 12/19/2019

$TLRA and $RUBI are merging in a Stock-for-stock merger!

Michael Barrett (Rubicon CEO) will be named CEO of the combined company, Mark Zagorski (from Telaria) will be named President & COO and David Day (Rubicon CFO) will be the CFO.