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Tucows Inc

Tucows Inc.

Industry: Communications

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$TCX Nasdaq US8986972060
$TC TSX US8986972060

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David Lyons 11:34 AM 01/02/2020

$TCX $OLED $NVDA - one of the winners of 2010s! These 3 Technology Stocks Gained More Than 1,000% in the 2010s. Still #Bullish for all three

Lisa Hoppe 05:22 PM 12/04/2019

$TCX double digit ROI investment into fixed fiber networks in small US town is still in progress and will considerably increase EBITDA in the coming years #bullish


Matthew Cameron 11:15 AM 07/10/2019

$TC Big announcements on one day! 1) Tucows is moving from T-Mobile to Verizon which will cost $3m this year and $12m in the years to come 2) 2019 Adj. EBITDA guidance is down from $57.4m to $47.9m #bearish for now


Colin Williams 12:12 AM 04/30/2018

$TC Sprint and T-Mobile are merging! What would be the implications for Tucows given its MVNO contracts?


Stephen Dixon 08:34 PM 01/21/2017

$TC I agree, eNom acquisition by Tucows is very unexpected and makes a lot of strategic sense #buy


Barry Gardiner 04:14 PM 01/21/2017

$TC It happened! Tucows made a bold step to consolidate domain industry #bullish Tucows announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire wholesale domain name registrar eNom from Rightside Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: NAME). The transaction is expected to close later today.

George Walker 09:42 PM 02/10/2016

$TC 2015 was the year when Ting business model is finally fully represented in the numbers.
- Company revenues are up 17%
- Ting Mobile accounts and devices expanded by 36% and 37%.
- Ting Mobile contributed to 79% and 70% year-over-year Adjusted EBITDA growth for the quarter and the year
And Tucows is trading only at 11x EV/EBITDA #buy


Rob Cawthon 08:37 PM 02/10/2016

$TC Predictable growth and margin, target price $30 #buy


Ray McNamara 06:52 AM 01/30/2016

$TC Tucows/Elliot Noss published I believe the first investor presentation at least in the last several years - I good overlook of Tucows business:


Scott Dyas 12:30 PM 01/14/2016

$TC one of a few tech stocks which was up 2.39% yesterday. Tucows is just too cheap at current valuations. #bullish

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George Walker 06:33 PM 01/11/2016

$TC Tucows (TCX) at $19.44 is close to 52wk low: $17.29. But fundamentals are still the same: stable domain business, growing Ting and a future opportunity in Fiber. It's a good entry point #buy


Alex Douglas 10:32 PM 09/07/2015

$TC One of the best long term growth stories I know #buy