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Apple Inc.

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Cursty Jenner 12:17 AM 12/21/2019

$AAPL @David-Lyons good question! Because it's extremely expensive. Companies that tried to offer satellite telephone or internet WW even without competition went bankrupt - see $IRDM Iridium Communications Inc. And now there are three other big players trying to do the same thing. But one step could help Apple - if it decides to rent satellite capacity from $AMZN, SpaceX or OneWeb thus decreasing potential capacity on the market #bearish


David Lyons 11:43 PM 12/20/2019

$AAPL @Kourtney-West why bearish? Isn't it a profitable move by Apple to bypass telecom operators using own satellites?

Cursty Jenner 11:31 PM 12/20/2019

$AAPL is working on it's own satellite technology to have a direct connection to its devices bypassing telecom operators. Will it be own satellite constellation or rented from others? Anyway it joins the race with $AMZN, SpaceX and OneWeb. #bearish