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Burberry Group

Barry Gardiner: shares buysback drives shares up. There is more room to go #buy

BT Group

Flor Crowley: BP can no longer maintain dividends, capex and debt at the level it wants, smth. will be compromised #bearish


John O'Donoghue: to Pay $269 Million Over U.K. Accounting Scandal. Such accounting scandals and acqusion of Booker despite opinions of many shareholders is a signal of an over productive competition in the industry... #sell


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$DOTD  Dotdigital Group 83%
$MGNT  Magnit PJSC 80%
$IMO  Imimobile 75%
$JE.  Just Eat 67%
$PRU  Prudential Plc 63%
$RDSB  Royal Dutch Shell 63%
$SCL  Schlumberger 67%
$AAL  Anglo American 67%
$TLW  Tullow Oil 83%
$QPP  Quindell 57%
$VOD  Vodafone Group 57%
$PSON  Pearson 67%
$DLN  Derwent London 100%
$NLG  Arria Nlg 100%

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Barry Gardiner 25 May 2018, 21:41

$DOTD Skip Fidura, Dotmailer client service director and non-executive director at the Digital Marketing Association: Don't re-permission your lists + other good advice about GDPR. Today's deep provides a good buying opportunity, just find good timing #bullish


Barry Gardiner 16 May 2018, 07:05

$BRBY shares buysback drives shares up. There is more room to go #buy


John O'Donoghue 19 Apr 2018, 08:51

$DOTD $IMO somebody it taking profit today - a good chanse to initiate a position #bullish


Barry Gardiner 10 Mar 2018, 15:46

$IMO In H1 2018 revenue increased on 53.1-36.0=17.1m. Organic growth was 36*12%=4.32m, so growth due to M&A was 12.8m for half a year. There was only one acquisition - Infracast, and it's revenue in FY2017 was only 12.2m for the whole year. Does that mean that Infracast revenue doubled in H12018? #neutral

Nikhil Mahadevia 03 Mar 2018, 20:26

$IMI yesterday IMI reported preliminay FY2017 results. Quite a good set of numbers. Revenue and adjusted operating profit growth was 6%, dividends per share growth 2%. The only disappointment was decline of OCF at 11%. Still #bullish

Nikhil Mahadevia 03 Mar 2018, 20:17

$IMO not an easy company to understand but reasonable growth every year. I am still #bullish


John O'Donoghue 27 Feb 2018, 13:45

$CROS will report 2017 results on March 13. This will be the first year since they cancelled web apps business when they are profitable #buy


Barry Gardiner 04 Feb 2018, 09:08

$IMO high economies of scale and continued growth will increase margins in 2018 #buy


John O'Donoghue 11 Jan 2018, 22:04

$LRM this nice and promissing company is being acquired by Vermeg. Sad that public shareholders are now out of the game. Good luck Vermeg! #bullish


Ray McNamara 23 Nov 2017, 21:09

$DOTD DotDigital has completed the acquisition of the Comapi group of companies, ("Comapi") a fast-growing business focused on the omni-channel messaging and cloud communication market, for a cash consideration of £11 million (the "acquisition"). This expansion to new messanging segments will allow the company to accelerate its growth #buy


Barry Gardiner 29 Jul 2017, 19:13

$ACA Tanzania sent Acacia Mining Plc a tax bill equal to almost two centuries worth of the gold producer’s revenue. The government issued the company, which mines all of its gold in the African country, with a $40 billion tax bill and another $150 billion in interest and penalties, Acacia said in a statement Monday. #sell #run_away


Stephen Dixon 01 Jun 2017, 21:51

$JE. what a nice run from 575 mind-may to 675 today! And the stock still have potential to grow as industry consolidation just started. #buy


Barry Gardiner 01 Jun 2017, 21:44

$FEVR has a long way to grow. Those investors who thinks it's too expensive now should look for any future weakness (approximately 10% drop from current prices) in the shares as a buying opportunity. #buy


Barry Gardiner 01 Jun 2017, 21:39

$EVE the stock is quietly tanking: 96p today vs. 101p at IPO #sell


Barry Gardiner 29 May 2017, 20:32

For $EVE to justify its current valuation they need to reach £200m revenue which would be tough for the addressable EU market of £5 billion (4% market share). But investors in such risky companies want growth. So to get 50% return they need to reach 6% market share which would be very hard for so fragmented market where they still sell very expensive mattresses vs. say IKEA #bearish