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Dotdigital Group

Cursty Jenner: Top small cap growth stocks expected to outperform the indexes in 2020: Imimobile $IMO DotDigital $DOTD Ramsdens Holdings $RFX HostelWorld $HWS #bullish

Green REIT

Barry Gardiner: This is still a promising investment for income investors: 3.6% divident yield and potential for appreciation: Dublin office real estate market still attracts global companies


Barry Gardiner: Comcast outbid Fox by $3.6 billion in a three-round auction process. Comcast offered £17.28 per share, while the price offered by Fox was £15.67 per share. Congratulations to all shareholders!


Investor sentiment

$RFX  Ramsdens Holdings Plc 100%
$HAT  H & T Group 100%
$DOTD  Dotdigital Group 90%
$IMO  IMImobile 88%
$MGNT  Magnit PJSC 80%
$RDSB  Royal Dutch Shell 63%
$PRU  Prudential 63%
$AAL  Anglo American 67%
$ISAT  Inmarsat 67%
$SCL  Schlumberger 67%
$QPP  Quindell 57%
$PSON  Pearson 67%
$DLN  Derwent London 100%
$NLG  Arria Nlg 100%

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John O'Donoghue 18 Jan 2020, 11:06

$HSW What a run in 2020: +22%! There is room for more to come: dividend yield is still high at 9% - this is what many funds are looking for in the current depressed rates environment. If you are a small cap investor - nice #buy idea


John O'Donoghue 14 Jan 2020, 21:14

If you believe that gold will be strong this year due to political tensions or other reasons #buy these pawnbrokers stocks $HAT $RFX

Cursty Jenner 13 Jan 2020, 21:37

$FFX 8x EV/Adj. EBITDA 2019 is an attractive entry point for a company with 39.4% organic revenue growth in 2018. Equals is diversifying from B2C FX products to payments, lending and B2B which would support organic growth. £14.3m equity raise in August 2019 will provide capital for M&A and growth working capital #bullish

Cursty Jenner 12 Jan 2020, 11:48

$RCN Restructuring of product management and product teams lead to jump in EBITDA margin from 17.1% in H1 2019 to 20.3% in H1 2020, but the revenue is declining - not a good sing for the company working in the innovative and growing segment like Managed Services #bearish

Cursty Jenner 12 Jan 2020, 09:49

Travelex is attacked by scammers. #bearish for $FFX (FairFx, Equals)

Cursty Jenner 02 Jan 2020, 11:16

Top small cap growth stocks expected to outperform the indexes in 2020: Imimobile $IMO DotDigital $DOTD Ramsdens Holdings $RFX HostelWorld $HWS #bullish

Cursty Jenner 02 Jan 2020, 10:55

Ramsdens $RFX CEO Peter Kenyon interview:

Prudent cash and profitability management, Evolution, Growth.

Now, as 2020 moves into striking distance, “we’ve got our business into great shape, we have a very strong balance sheet, a great cash position – we are a good, solid little business”.


Kourtney West 23 Dec 2019, 21:17

$HW. Carlyle Group is to acquire Harwood Wealth Management in a deal that gives the US private equity giant a foothold in the UK financial planning and discretionary markets.

The offer, for 145p a share, which is below Friday’s closing price of 157.5p, values Harwood at £90.7 million, equivalent to 16.3x its previous 12 months’ earnings.



David Lyons 13 Dec 2019, 21:05

$HSW owner and operator of the leading hostel booking websites #bullish


David Lyons 06 Dec 2019, 20:14

$LOOP conference call SaaS provider focused on professional services firms like legal advisers or Private Equity where quality and convenience are paramount. Still very low penetration to TAM - long way to grow #bullish

Max Carey 13 Nov 2019, 11:33

$TCM Trading update was yesterday. Revenues excluding sold auto business are up 7.8% which is good but the management haven't disclosed EBITDA numbers which makers me nervous #neutral www.londonstockexchange.c...698.html


Robert Sheridan 22 Oct 2019, 17:00

Prosus makes hostile bid for $4.9b. $JE. swiftly rejected it. What a day! #buy

Max Carey 21 Oct 2019, 21:47

$LOOP Price is about right. Time to #buy


John O'Donoghue 06 Sep 2019, 16:49

$TCM E&Y quits as Telit auditor as Telit asked for a fee reduction! Now they appoints Mazars LLP who is long standing auditor of Donald Trump. What a move! :) Looks like Telit took negotiation lesson from Trump #neutral


Max Carey 29 Aug 2019, 10:31

$MCRO is down 30% on cut full year guidance. Still a strong player in security with demand for security only growing. Good time to #buy