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Pitti Laminations

Pitti Laminations Limited manufactures electrical stamping and laminations in India and internationally.

Industry: Other Elect.Equip./ Prod.

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$PITTILAM BSE INE450D01013 Code: 513519

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Raks 05:57 AM 17-11-2015

$PITTILAM Informed on 29 Oct 2015 that I exited Pittilam at Rs 61 levels and today 16 Nov stock has fallen from Rs.60 to Rs 49 due to loss in this quarter. #bearish #sell


Raks 05:17 AM 29-10-2015

$LINCOPH Just showing my portfolio from time recommended and present value - Bullish on $GMBREW (303-607) $SRF (920-1374) $BRITANNIA (2545-3185) $ZENSARTECH (920-963) To HOLD $WELSPUNIND (788-762) $AJANTPHARM (1580-1564) EXITED $PITTILAM (72-61). $GMBREW is looking very bullish #bullish #buy . Now recommending one more stock Lincoln Pharma $LINCOPH #bullish #buy


Raks 04:37 PM 13-08-2015

$BRITANNIA has hit a 52 week high of Rs.3434 today.$AJANTPHARM has hit Rs.1711 but the others $SRF $PITTILAM $WELSPUNIND and $GMBREW have fallen due to sudden China's unexpected move to weaken its currency yuan which gives them an unfair advantage in world markets. Short term looks weak and one can exit if need money urgently or else can hold as long term prospects are still good, but big falls and rises can be expected now onwards mainly due to China move resulting in currency fluctuations.


Aaarti Ambani 12:50 AM 05-08-2015

$SRF $WELSPUNIND $PITTILAM $GMBREW @Raks, impressive forecasts. Though isn't that is partly due to SENSEX rally which is going on since June 11 and has high impact in small cap stocks?


Raks 04:43 PM 04-08-2015

$PITTILAM Today even my $PITTILAM recommendation made on 30th July has hit 52 week high of Rs.85.50 along with all my other recommendations today hit 52 week high again $GMBREW Rs.355.50 $WELSPUNIND Rs.963 and $SRF Rs.1472 Still lot of upside remaining in all these stocks. #buy #bullish

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Raks 03:44 PM 30-07-2015

$PITTILAM Today all my previous recommendations have hit 52 week highs $GMBREW Rs.334.30. $WELSPUNIND Rs.900. $SRF Rs.1387. Now recommending one more stock Pitti Laminations $PITTILAM at current level of Rs.72.25.Visit their website and look at their products and clients, all engineering giants of the industry, you will know the growth potential of this stock #buy #bullish

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