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Ajanta Pharma

Ajanta Pharma Limited, a specialty pharmaceutical company, develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products worldwide.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Ticker Exchange ISIN Name
$AJANTPHARM BSE INE031B01031 Code: 532331

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Raks 04:29 AM 22-08-2016

$ZENSARTECH @ Rs 1074 now. Strong upmove expected. $JUBILANT Life Sciences, $ManpasandBeverages, $LINCOPH Lincoln Pharma , $GMBREW GM Breweries, $PinconSpirit , $WELSPUNIND , $BRITANNIA , $AJANTPHARM, $SRF $ZENSARTECH Ignore any short term downward movements, if any, in these recommended stocks. Will give very good returns. #bullish #buy


Raks 04:22 AM 22-08-2016

$JUBILANT I informed will give 2 more stocks I entered. Here they are $JUBILANT Life sciences @ Rs. 506 and $ManpasandBeverages @ Rs. 725 Other stocks in my portfolio .$LINCOPH , $GMBREW , $PinconSpirit , $WELSPUNIND , $BRITANNIA , $AJANTPHARM, $SRF #bullish #buy


Raks 06:57 AM 09-08-2016

$SRF Hit 52 week high of Rs.1556. Had recommended at Rs.920 in Feb 2015. $ZENSARTECH Hit 52 week high of Rs.1130. Had recommended at Rs.920 in Aug 2015. These 2 stocks along with all the other stocks in my portfolio have rewarded me well.$LINCOPH , $GMBREW , $PinconSpirit , $WELSPUNIND , $BRITANNIA , $AJANTPHARM .Will recommend 2 more new bullish stocks in coming days. Just waiting for a specific market news on those stocks for confirming. For all my other stocks #bullish #buy


Raks 05:17 AM 29-10-2015

$LINCOPH Just showing my portfolio from time recommended and present value - Bullish on $GMBREW (303-607) $SRF (920-1374) $BRITANNIA (2545-3185) $ZENSARTECH (920-963) To HOLD $WELSPUNIND (788-762) $AJANTPHARM (1580-1564) EXITED $PITTILAM (72-61). $GMBREW is looking very bullish #bullish #buy . Now recommending one more stock Lincoln Pharma $LINCOPH #bullish #buy


Raks 04:37 PM 13-08-2015

$BRITANNIA has hit a 52 week high of Rs.3434 today.$AJANTPHARM has hit Rs.1711 but the others $SRF $PITTILAM $WELSPUNIND and $GMBREW have fallen due to sudden China's unexpected move to weaken its currency yuan which gives them an unfair advantage in world markets. Short term looks weak and one can exit if need money urgently or else can hold as long term prospects are still good, but big falls and rises can be expected now onwards mainly due to China move resulting in currency fluctuations.


Raks 04:49 AM 06-08-2015

$SRF @Aaarti Ambani See also my not small cap recommendations even before June 11th. See my post On 29th May I said #bullish on $AJANTPHARM $BRITANNIA and $SRF. Now Ajanta Pharma 1580 - 1684 (104 increase) ,Britannia 2545 - 3228 (683 increase),SRF 1101 - 1499 (398 increase).Today is SRF results day, Iam expecting good results but even if it falls I will keep adding more of $SRF which I recommended on 16th Feb at Rs.934.


Raks 04:39 AM 29-05-2015

F&O Trades Available from today- Lot Size- $AJANTPHARM 250/ $AMARAJABAT 250/ $BAJFINANCE 125/ $BEL 125/ $BRITANNIA 125/ $CASTROLIND 500/ $CEATLTD 500/ $DHFL 500/ $KSCL 250/ $OIL 500/ $PAGEIND 125/ $PIDILITIND 500/ $SOUTHBANK 9000/ $SRF LIMITED SRF 250 #bullish on $AJANTPHARM $BRITANNIA and $SRF

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