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HSBC Holdings

HSBC Holdings plc provides banking and financial products and services.

Industry: Banks

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$HSBA LSE Main Market GB0005405286 ORD USD0.50
$5 HKEx Main Board GB0005405286 Code: 5 ORD USD0.50

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Rob Cawthon 14:22 03/05/2016

$HSBA HSBC adjusted profit before tax drops 18% in Q1 2016 - not a bad result for an unexpectedly bad quarter #neutral


Rob Cawthon 04:42 12/02/2016

$HSBA HSBC cancels pay freeze annouced on just Jan 29. Happy for the employees but $5b cost cut by the end of 2017 is now questionable #bearish


Scott Dyas 14:30 06/01/2016

$HSBA an ongoing failure of HSBC online banking made so much noice. But it's business as usual - systems fail in many banks as their architecture is built incrementally vs. designed at once as they should. This is #neutral for the stock.


Barry Gardiner 20:10 05/01/2016

$HSBA news about China growth slowdown/uncertanty and continuing RMB devaluation will kill HSBC stock in the coming months #sell


James Disick 05:29 18/06/2015

$5 A nice collection of recent rumors about HSBC :)

Lisa Hoppe 01:17 09/05/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN $BNC @Cursty-Jenner there is another long term risk of business loss for UK banks: Camerone promised to make EU exit referendum at the end of 2017


James Disick 00:23 09/05/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN $BNC @Cursty-Jenner more thoughts from investors supporting this idea

Kourtney West 20:33 08/05/2015

$5 HSBC is now much more likely to keep its had office in the UK

Cursty Jenner 19:12 08/05/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN $BNC UK banks are the biggest winners among UK shares from the victory of conservatives and Cameron.#buy

Lisa Hoppe 15:18 03/05/2015

$5 HSBC relocation to HK will attract more attention from Asian investors and at the same time keep the ones from the UK as this move is perceived positively in the UK #buy


Stephen Dixon 04:49 29/04/2015

$HSBA There is one more dimension to consider in addition to moving to HK: HSBC may spin-off its retail division could be the first of many such changes, says Edge Consulting COO Ryan Mendy.

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Barry Gardiner 22:15 28/04/2015

$HSBA I believe HSBC would not move. The key problem is that the bank does not have any controlling shareholder that can ensure such a change is made and the HSBC management very rarely makes the most optimal decisions #bearish

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David Lyons 04:44 28/04/2015

$HSBA Why everybody is so optimistic about HSBC relocation review?

(Guardian) Its shares jumped on Friday when the review was announced, and continued to rise on Monday, pulling Standard Chartered – the London-based, Asian-focused bank – along too. In Hong Kong, where HSBC’s shares are also listed, daily trading volume was the second highest recorded.


Adam Taylor 05:27 24/04/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN $BNC Santander, which offers high interest and cashback through its 123 Account, opened 170,551 new accounts, while Halifax, which has offered a cash payment to switchers, made a net gain of 156,639. In the third quarter of 2014 alone, Halifax took on 53,624 more accounts.


Adam Taylor 05:27 24/04/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN $BNC Barclays bank has been the biggest loser in the battle for current accounts, with more than 80,000 customers closing their account in the year after rules were brought in to make switching banks easier.

Lloyds and NatWest were also big losers, with Lloyds dropping 51,985 accounts and NatWest dropping 69,181.


Adam Taylor 00:06 19/04/2015

$HSBA $BARC $LLOY $RBS $STAN How could banks make profits with 2% rate committed for 5 years? ECB will start rising rates in 3 years #bearish

HSBC has pushed five-year fixed rate mortgages to their lowest ever level, allowing homeowners to lock in at a rate of just 1.99 per cent.


James Disick 06:03 03/04/2015

$HSBA most of analysts have hold or underperform rating, but Societe Generale restated #buy in a research note issued on Wednesday. They currently have a GBX 695 ($10.34) target price on the stock. Societe Generale’s price objective indicates a potential upside of 20.12% from the company’s current price.

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Stephen Dixon 05:39 31/03/2015

Bank of England is to stress test large UK banks with a dramatic slowdown in China, a contraction in the eurozone, the worst deflation since the 1930s or a fall in UK interest rates to zero.

The banks are Barclays $BARC, HSBC $HSBA, Santander UK $BNC, Standard Chartered $STAN and the two bailed-out banks, Lloyds Banking Group $LLOY and Royal Bank of Scotland $RBS.


Matthew Cameron 02:01 28/03/2015

$HSBA In 2010 HSBC indicated that it might move out of UK while leaving its UK retail bank as a standalone unit in case UK governemtn pushes HSBC to split up - at that time that treat worked.

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Cursty Jenner 21:10 26/03/2015

$HSBA There is some pressure from the government which might eventually lead to HSBC break up. Douglas Flint and Stuart Gulliver were grilled by a UK parliamentary committee recently as FT reported on 2 March 2015

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Colin Williams 01:59 25/03/2015

$HSBA Some thoughts from HBR about possible split up of HSBC:

Whether these huge financial institutions are, in fact, too big too manage on this fundamental set of integrity issues will be one of the most important and intriguing business stories to follow in the years to come.

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John O'Donoghue 20:03 24/03/2015

$HSBA should HSBC be broken up?


Alex Douglas 18:15 23/03/2015

$HSBA a book about HSBC history since late 70s was published on March 17, 2015

The Lion Wakes: A Modern History of HSBC by David Kynaston and Richard Roberts

Should be an interesting read for those who look at HSBC stock!

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Matthew Cameron 01:11 16/03/2015

$HSBA I would add to lack of scale: if we look at the UK where the bank must be strong due to it's roots, presence and focus on inter-country transactions it's makret positions are #3 in undecured lending, #6 in Mortgages and retail deposits and with this having #4 branch network


Adam Taylor 22:31 13/03/2015

$HSBA Banking business is local (regulation is heavy and unique in every country) and there are little synegries between coutries. So to get market ROE you first need to be big in every country of presence. If you are small you are disadvantaged in every country of presence and cross-country synergies will not help you. HSBC stock will under perform until they change the strategy.


John O'Donoghue 19:04 13/03/2015

$HSBA @Adam-Taylor why don't you like this strategy?


Adam Taylor 07:36 13/03/2015

$HSBA - Untill HSBC has this not-profitable strategy I recommend staying away from this stock #sell

"Our objective is to become the world’s leading international bank."

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John O'Donoghue 22:43 02/03/2015

$HSBA @Matthew-Cameron yeah, thanks for remembering, that was a great example of investor activism. After that HSBC eventually changed the CEO


Matthew Cameron 01:32 02/03/2015

$HSBA Take a look at activist investor Knoght Vinke "HSBC strategy review" made back in 2007, page 11 shows that HSBC also failed with 2003-2008 strategy


Colin Williams 02:52 26/02/2015

$HSBA HSBC effectivelly declared that restructuring hasn't achieved results: 2011 ROE target of 12-15% has not been achieved (2013 11%, 2014 8.5%) and was just lowered to >10%.

Also, there is a separate observation: after this 4 year failure to deliver all current management's forecasts should be discounted.


Colin Williams 06:17 25/02/2015

$HSBA started it's restructuring 4 years ago and still no big change. The economy was not bad so I make a conclusion that the bank has no hope until CEO Stuart Thomson Gulliver who is on the position since 1 Jan 2011 is changed to a visionary person who will identify a new strategy based on HSBC strengths.

By no hope I mean that the bank is already making maximum out of his abilities which are not enough to cope with market and regulatory challenges so it's share price will decline #sell


John O'Donoghue 20:07 24/02/2015

$HSBA Annual results are out, nothing good. HSBC's revenue dropped 5.2% last year, while its operating costs rose by a higher than expected 6.1% per cent.


John O'Donoghue 06:02 19/11/2014

$HSBA Andy has led BCG's relationship with HSBC since 2010. During his 20 years as a consultant, Andy has worked on several large transformation programmes both in Europe and Asia. He started his career at Lloyds Bank.

Sean was appointed Chief Technology and Services Officer of HSBC Bank plc in 2007 and a Group General Manager in 2010. He was appointed GCOO in January 2011 and a Group Managing Director in August 2011. Sean joined HSBC in his native Canada in 1980.

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John O'Donoghue 06:01 19/11/2014

$HSBA HSBC Holdings plc has appointed Andy Maguire (48) as Group Chief Operating Officer (‘GCOO’) and Group General Manager with effect from 1 December 2014. Andy succeeds Sean O’Sullivan (58), who is retiring as GCOO and Group Managing Director after a distinguished 34-year career at HSBC.

Andy joins HSBC from Boston Consulting Group (‘BCG’), where he is managing partner of the UK and Ireland, and a member of the firm's global executive committee.

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