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Tencent Holdings Ltd

Flor Crowley: Life Insurance $2628, Tencent $700, Baidu,, Alibaba and other investors will buy a 78 billion yuan ($11 billion) 35% stake in Unicom $762

ZTE Corp

Flor Crowley: ZTE wins more than 70% allocation in new China Mobile PTN project. The rumors said the other supplier is Huawei with 30% #bullish

Lenovo Group Ltd

daddy777: $700 $992 $13 The first million is always the hardest!


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$2888  Standard Chartered Plc 100%
$963  Bloomage BioTechnology Corp Ltd 100%
$763  ZTE Corp 100%
$700  Tencent Holdings Ltd 60%
$215  Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings Ltd 67%
$941  China Mobile Ltd 67%

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Barry Gardiner 09:37 03/08/2018

$857 Apple hit $1 market cap yesterday. The first company to do that was actually PetroChina. Since that time it dropped dramatically #neutral The first company to ever reach $1 trillion in market value was in China and got crushed -


Barry Gardiner 00:15 26/05/2018

$1910 Blue Orca Capital is Short Samsonite #sell


Flor Crowley 00:30 23/05/2017

$763 ZTE wins more than 70% allocation in new China Mobile PTN project. The rumors said the other supplier is Huawei with 30% #bullish


Flor Crowley 18:35 02/03/2017

$941 China Mobile plans to begin development of trial 5G networks in major mainland Chinese cities from next year, expand these deployments in 2019 and launch commercial services in 2020, according to its chief executive Li Yue. It will allow to get market share in China #bullish long term


Scott Dyas 01:46 13/01/2016

$700 recent stock drop is random, there was no change in Tencent's fundamentally strong growth model #buy

George Walker 16:20 11/01/2016

$963 current sell off is a good entry point. The stock already showed it's potential at 20 level. #buy


Rob Cawthon 12:19 10/01/2016

$963 Bloomage BioTechnology is a niche producer of sodium hyaluronic acid with a heavy focus on marketing. Normally such companies are doing very well. If a big player decides to enter the niche, they normally by such a leading player vs. increasing competition and cutting prices. #buy


Scott Dyas 16:14 09/01/2016

$963 ROE at 23.5%, 5Y Sales growth rate at 33% and EPS growth rate at 24% are pretty good numbers! I am not surprised the P/E is 27x and still #bullish


Trader 00:45 07/01/2016

$175 Geely: The board expects 50-60% profit increase in 2015 #bullish


Ray McNamara 14:04 28/12/2015

$6883 Melco Crown and $1833 Intime Retail are part of 50 world companies to watch for in 2016 from Bloomberg #bullish


Colin Williams 22:07 14/09/2015

$700 Tencent plans to add personal loans to its WeChat messanger using its WeBank launched in January 2015. Tencent follows Alibaba so doesn't show any thought leadership in this case #hold


Flor Crowley 00:50 10/09/2015

$700 as of Aug 8 2015 Tencent has higher market capitalization than Alibaba - it is the biggest Internet company in Asia now #buy


Adam Taylor 12:17 01/09/2015

$992 @James-Disick agree with your argument about Lenovo's diversification strategy. With the recent drop in price it's a good entry point #buy


James Disick 15:26 27/08/2015

$992 seeing weakness in worldwide PC market Lenovo is diversifying. It made its way to the server market - increased its market share from 1.2% in 2014Q2 to 7.0% in 2015Q2 #buy


Colin Williams 18:32 18/07/2015

$992 As it's said below, Gartner last week estimated that unit shipments declined 9.5% in the second quarter.

Intel said second quarter revenue in the group selling PC devices declined 14%.

PC is a declining business, Samsung, Apple and Qualcomm are the winners for the next 5-10+ years. #sell