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Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc

bob: Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights #bullish

Constellation Software Inc/Canada

daddy777: $VRX $CSU $PTS $AYA The first million is always the hardest! #bullish #notonvaleantthough

Points International Ltd

daddy777: $VRX $CSU $PTS $AYA The first million is always the hardest! #bullish #notonvaleantthough


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$TC  Tucows Inc 100%
$MAL  Magellan Aerospace Corp 100%
$AYA  Amaya Inc 100%
$PTS  Points International Ltd 83%
$CSU  Constellation Software Inc/Canada 70%
$VRX  Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc 69%
$STN  Stantec Inc 75%
$SU  Suncor Energy Inc 67%
$RCI.A  Rogers Communications Inc 67%
$BB  BlackBerry Ltd 33%
$BB  BlackBerry Ltd 67%
$PSK  PrairieSky Royalty Ltd 100%

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Colin Williams 04:57 PM 05/09/2019

$ESU it's hard to make money in EV or EV components - look at Tesla which achieved a lot #bearish


Colin Williams 03:53 PM 02/27/2019

$RET Offline retail is being replaces by online, so that's why there are so negative sentiments toward big stores #sell


John O'Donoghue 06:56 AM 02/27/2019

$RET Equity is almost equal to Cash, EV is zero. Is not it attractive? #bullish

bob 11:02 AM 08/22/2017

$VRX Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Earnings AlphaGraphics: Q2 2017 highlights #bullish

daddy777 04:30 PM 04/17/2017

$VRX $CSU $PTS $AYA The first million is always the hardest! #bullish #notonvaleantthough


Flor Crowley 04:45 AM 04/03/2017

$MTY they raised the debt from -0.4 NetDebt/EBITDA in FY2015 to 3.1 in FT2016 (240mln.) At the same time the revenue grew 51mln. and EBITDA 20 mln. including organic growth. Not sure this is a profitable investment #bearish


John O'Donoghue 04:57 AM 03/31/2017

$XTC Is a financially healthy company in the cyclical automotive industry. As soon as auto sales start to pick up the stock will jump to 15 CAN and higher #bullish


Stephen Dixon 03:34 PM 01/21/2017

$TC I agree, eNom acquisition by Tucows is very unexpected and makes a lot of strategic sense #buy


Barry Gardiner 11:14 AM 01/21/2017

$TC It happened! Tucows made a bold step to consolidate domain industry #bullish Tucows announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire wholesale domain name registrar eNom from Rightside Group, Ltd. (NASDAQ: NAME). The transaction is expected to close later today.


Barry Gardiner 01:47 PM 11/08/2016

$VRX cuts forecast #sell

Robert Sheridan 03:54 PM 10/11/2016

$AYA William Hill is in talks to merge with Amaya. If that merger happens it will be a good combination of offline and online gaming experts #buy


Flor Crowley 06:40 AM 07/06/2016

$BB "BlackBerry said Tuesday that it would discontinue its Classic smartphone, with a keyboard and touch screen, less than two years after launching it with much fanfare. BlackBerry is expected to release two new Android-powered smartphones before the end of February" .. BB has fast real-time operating system and it was its differentiator. What would be unique in $BB Android phone? I guess not much #bearish


Barry Gardiner 04:30 PM 06/22/2016

$AVO #neutral view but some upside if the new factory shows in the profit numbers see from 1:25


Barry Gardiner 04:25 PM 06/07/2016

$MAL Positive coverage on BNN: See from 4:15 #bullish


John O'Donoghue 06:06 PM 05/23/2016

$PTG 4.8x Debt/EBITDA is too much much for an IT services company. 2x is a maximum level for an IT services company company with stable revenue and Pivot's revenue is not stable at all! #bearish